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PeopleTools 8.55 Upgrade Known Issues

ITS has identified the following issues and we are working to resolve them. This web page will be updated on a regular basis during the stabilization period.


Description Resolution
User encounters a squished header or funny looking screen. Delete browser cache.
Buttons on blue bar disappear on smaller screens (e.g., phone). Buttons can be found under the Action menu button.
Unable to personalize homepage on smaller screens. None.
User added tiles to homepages do not display on smaller screens. None.
Textbook entry fails. An error or blank screen occurs when trying to enter textbook information using a Favorite or using the Navigator and navigation to the requested page. Use the tile labeled Schedule of Classes located on the Student Administration homepage. ITS is looking into this issue. Using a Favorite or the Navigator under the NavBar results in the user unable to complete a textbook entry transaction.
Error received when trying to get to a page using a Favorite that was used in the system before the upgrade. Click 'OK' and continue to the page you wish to use. The cause of this issue is when a user created a Favorite to a Folder and not a page. The new system does not allow for Favorites at the folder level, thus producing the error. Delete the Favorite and create a new Favorite for individual pages or create a tile for that page.
Action menu list displays a graphic instead of options. This is known issue in Chrome and Safari and reportedly comes from trying to click the Action menu list button after the user used a Folder Favorite. Try a different browser or click out of list or click the Home or NavBar button.
"Page errors including "This is not your most recent page", blank or blue page, or you are returned to the Wolverine Access homepage. These errors may occur when you have multiple open windows open and use a tile from the homepage (e.g., Search tile) or a Favorite." Workaround: Use the Navigator to open new windows/pages. This issue has been sent to Oracle.
Functionality from page to page does not work when using the Insert button on the keyboard. Workaround: The key has to be hit/turned on each times the user moves to a new page. This issue has been sent to Oracle.