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OARS Migration to New Application December 2015

The Online Access Request System (OARS) was successfully upgraded on December 5, and it moved to a new, more secure database and application platform. Please update your bookmarks to the new OARS website

New OARS is noticeably different from the previous version. Along with a new look and feel, it is faster, more flexible, and more secure. Requestors/Approvers are now required to use an MToken to log in to the system. Visit OARS: Overview of Changes for a high level explanation of the differences between old OARS and new OARS. For more detailed instructions visit the OARS help and support page.

Benefits of the New OARS

  • Based on the .Net platform, the new application will use widely adopted user interface elements for greater usability and accessibility.
  • Improved Search on the OARS home page for looking up role descriptions, training courses, in-progress requests, and existing user security.
  • New Role Selection Tool provides a fully searchable list of access roles.
    • Requestors will be able to copy access roles from an existing user (same as today)
    • Requestors/Approvers will be able to see
      • the user's current access without navigating to a separate window
      • detailed role descriptions without navigating to a separate window
      • training prerequisites without navigating to a separate window
  • Approver emails will include clickable links to the pending request forms
  • Approvers will be able to see all requests awaiting their approval in one place.
  • Hourly feeds into new OARS allows for faster updates to training requirements for security roles.
  • Requests with multiple security roles will now be processed based on individual parameters not one parameter for the whole request. For example, if you submit a request for 5 roles and one role requires training, in old OARS, the training request, including the 4 roles that didn't require training would be held until the training requirement was fulfilled. In the new system, the request will be able to be processed for each individual role.
  • Requestors/Approvers will receive a daily summary email that includes all changes for the day.

What's Changing

  • Requestors/Approvers will be required to use an MToken to log in to new OARS.
  • Choices for email delivery will be simplified. Users will be encouraged to set up email filters to redirect any unwanted email notifications.
  • Simplified request form—there is now one form for all requests. "Special Access Requests" (Secondary Security Only, BusinessObjectsChange Only, RDA Access, SFTP Access) will be handled on the primary request form.
  • In the short term, ULs will need to submit a service ticket in order to specify department-level approvers. This is an interim step. Plans are in place for this feature to be added back into the system later.

What's Not Changing

  • ULs/Approvers will continue to be able to submit batch requests
  • ULs/Approvers will continue to be able to look up training history

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