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Orientation and Training: DAC Database Replacement Project

Prior to attending Conference Room Pilot sessions, SME’s are asked to watch a one hour Web-based training/demonstration created by Blackbaud that provides an overview of the product, (e.g. look, feel, navigation, basic features, etc.).

Several points SME’s should remember while viewing the product overview for the first time:

  1. The Blackbaud demonstration is on the “out of the box” product. 
  2. The “out of the box” product will not meet all of the U-M Development needs. Fit Gap analysis is designed to identify those gaps.
  3. If Blackbaud is determined to be the appropriate software product with which we should move forward, it will be customized to meet our needs.

After orientation, some SME’s may be asked to attend more detailed training on Blackbaud software processes relevant to their subject area. Training sessions will be scheduled in advance by the Project Core Team as necessary.

Conference Room Pilot Sessions

Blackbaud software will be tested against U-M business requirements using test cases created by the DAC Replacement Project's Busines System Analysts.

Each Conference Room Pilot Session is expected to last between 3-4 hours and will have:

  • Session Leader
  • Monitors
  • Blackbaud Experts
  • Recorder

A methodology is in place to maximize efficiency, and to help prepare documentation that will later be used to support final decisions.