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Fit-Gap Analysis: DAC Database Replacement Project


Currently, U-M is looking at a product from Blackbaud as the leading candidate for replacing DAC. Fit-Gap analysis is designed to fully evaluate Blackbaud before committing to an implementation project, and involves rigorous testing against U-M business requirements.

Key individuals have been invited to provide input to the Fit-Gap analysis process for the Donor, Alumni, and Constituent (DAC) Database replacement project. (These individuals are considered Subject Matter Experts, SME’s, for the project). SME’s who participate in this process are expected to attend a training session and conference room pilot session.

Fit-Gap Process Details

  • Fit-Gap process compares current Blackbaud software with defined U-M business requirements using a series of conference room pilot sessions (contact for more detailed information about U-M business requirements)
  • Participants chosen for the conference room pilots are asked to provide input on their business needs and the product
  • During conference room pilot sessions, test case scenarios will be executed against Blackbaud system

Expectations for Participants

SME’s should be willing to assist where asked, with the understanding that this investment of time and energy will ensure we select a product that truly matches U-M Development Program’s needs.

In general, participants will be asked to attend project meetings upon request, provide constructive and specific feedback, and share their concerns with project leaders.