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Performance Support and Key Groups

Performance Support Team and Office of University Development

In the case of the DART implementation project, MAIS works closely with the Office of University Development (OUD) to ensure a smooth and comprehensive transition to an enterprise model. The Office of University Development:

  • Partners with the Performance Support team to develop initial planning documents, connecting Performance Support team members with current system experts to help define user groups, tasks, and Business Process issues
  • Approves the proposed planning documents and training approach
  • Provides subject matter expertise for training content
  • Drafts Business Process-related communications messages to the Development Community
  • Reviews all draft communications, training materials, etc. produced by the Performance Support team for accuracy and flow

Additionally, OUD takes the lead on activities within the Development Community that focus on the Business Process changes or how the system implementation might impact the Development Community’s mission, vision, or relationships with specific schools, colleges, or units.  Therefore, OUD:

  • Drafts, approves, and sends any Development Community communications that are not related to system access, roll-out, or other issues
  • Drafts, reviews, approves, and presents any additional change management activities surrounding Business Process, mission, vision, or cultural changes within the Development Community which may need to be addressed
  • Creates any Business Process training materials (outside the system implementation scope)

Performance Support and DART implementation team

  • Partners with the Performance Support team to develop the initial planning documents, making certain the Performance Support Plan fits within the overall Project Plan
  • Provides system expertise for training content
  • Reviews all communications, change management, or training materials for accuracy, and flow
  • Advises the Performance Support team on any implementation risks or issues that may impact development

Performance Support and MAIS Communications Team

  • Partners on the initial communication planning documents, making certain they fit within the MAIS framework and standards
  • Tracks planned communications on the Communications Team work load calendar
  • Reviews all communications for MAIS standards, brevity, accuracy, and flow
  • Builds the requested distribution lists for communications
  • Sends out finalized communications

Performance Support and MAIS MyLinc

  • Develops a project plan for the creation of an OUD catalog for training resources.
  • Creates, tests, and launches an OUD MyLINC catalog.
  • Trains appropriate OUD resources on any catalog management tasks conducted by OUD.

Performance Support and Access Services

  • Coordinates the creation of system roles.
  • Tracks required training for each role.
  • Receives system access requests and release system access upon the completion of required training.

Performance Support and MAIS HelpDesk

  • Train on all system end user training to be familiar with system tasks and limited Business Process.
  • Receive end user system calls and e-mails, log end user tickets, answer questions if able, or triage questions to tier 2 (system production support team) or tier 3 (Central Office experts) for assistance.
  • Close tickets and track resolutions in ticket database for knowledge management