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Fit-Gap Project Management Materials

As outlined in the kick-off meeting, the Project Governance for the Fit-Gap phase of the DAC Replacement (or DART project) will be our main guidance for roles and responsibilities.  However, more detailed information on roles and responsibilities from project deliverables to details kept in project planning documents will guide individual tasks.

The Fit-Gap project is broke into three concurrent efforts covering software functionality, infrastructure testing, and data conversion.  The overall milestones and timeline show completion of analysis in August, preparation of documentation and recommendations in September, and presentation the EO / Capital Committee in October of 2008.  

We will be utilizing subject matter experts (SME’s) from the University Development Community to help us in looking at system requirements and determining Fit-Gap with the Blackbaud system.  The commitment of these SME’s is not the last or only chance for input.  During implementation following a successful Fit-Gap, we will be engaging a much wider and more in-depth conversation with SME’s from schools, colleges, and other units.    The participation of SME’s will lead up to Conference Room Pilots where we will be testing the current Blackbaud software against our requirements.