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Financial Aid Item Types

Charge Priority Code Values List

The Charge Priority identifies to the M-Pathways system which charges on a student's account should be paid by the Financial Aid (FA) Item Type and in which order. A table of the Merit-Aid Charge Priority Values is available that lists the Charge Priorities that should be used by awarding offices. A table of All Charge Priority Values is also available.

The following sections provide details about Charge Priorities:

Non-Refundable Charge Priorities

  • The Charge Priority values for nonrefundable Financial Aid Item Types begin with the letter N. To change the standard default on a non-refundable Item Type when you are entering an award, use one of the non-refundable Charge Priorities.
  • When entering an award, if you type or select a Financial Aid non-refundable Item Type, the long description of the Item Type begins with NR-.

REFONLY Charge Priority

If you use the REFONLY Charge Priority, the system checks the Customer Account for any outstanding refund balance for the term of the new REFONLY disbursement. If an outstanding refund balance exists for the term of the award, the REFONLY Charge Priority applies the refund disbursement to the outstanding refund balance BEFORE any additional funds are released to the student. If the Customer Account does not show any outstanding refund balance, the refund is released to the student.

Before entering any award with a REFONLY Charge Priority, it is important to check the student's Customer Account to determine if the student has an outstanding refund balance.

The following two examples demonstrate the results of a REFONLY financial aid disbursement.

  • Student #1 has no outstanding refund balance:
    The awarding unit wants the student to receive funds in hand. Before entering the award, the student's Customer Account should be checked for any outstanding refund balance for the term to be awarded. The Customer Account shows no outstanding refund balance for the term to be awarded. At this point, it is appropriate to enter the Item Type with a REFONLY Charge Priority. After the FA disbursement process runs on Wednesday night, the refund appears on the Customer Account. Next, the Payroll batch run processes the refund and the funds are delivered to the student via Direct Deposit or check.
  • Student #2 has an outstanding refund balance:
    The awarding unit wants the student to receive a refund in hand. The Customer Account should be checked for any outstanding refund balance. For this student, the Customer Account shows an outstanding refund balance of $500 for the term you would like to award.  On the Customer Account, click the magnifying glass to review which items are causing the balance. A refund item displays on the Account Summary panel. Look at the original amount of the refund, then look at the second line under the refund to see if there is any outstanding balance. This panel shows an outstanding refund balance.

If an emergency situation occurs you may use the EMERGNCY Charge Priority.  This charge priority is appropriate if waiting for the next weekly financial aid batch will cause an intolerable situation to the student. The EMERGNCY Charge Priority ensures that the student receives the disbursement directly (via mail, Fed Ex, student or department pick-up at the Cashier's Office).

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