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Campus Community


The M-Pathways Campus Community module spans the Student Administration System and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). It stores demographic information about all members of the University community in one location, eliminating the need to re-enter data when an individual changes his or her status. For example, when an individual changes from applicant to student to financial aid recipient to graduate to employee, he or she does not have to repetitively provide name, address, phone number, and other personal information. Capturing information “at the source” not only improves customer service but also reduces the chance of errors.

Campus Community also supports the software applications related to IDCard, Residency, 3Cs (Communications, Checklists, Comments), External organizations, SEVIS, and SA & HRMS process-specific Security functions. Web transactions on Wolverine Access for students, faculty, and staff allow users to change their addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contact information.

The 3C Resources wrapper in My LINC provides information on setting up and working with communications, comments and checklists. This includes access to:

  • 3C setup request matrices
  • Sample templates
  • Merge fields
  • Batch load process
  • 3C codes and reference documents

Policy on Use of Administrative Data

The Student Administration System shares information from student records with authorized and trained faculty and staff across campus. In the same way, HRMS shares information from faculty and staff records.

To learn more about the policy for using administrative data, take the Administrative Data Access and Compliance Overview -- eLearning Course, which is available in My LINC, or you can access this course from the Administrative ComputingWeb site. This course provides training that will help you comply with government regulations and University policies regarding data access and compliance. This course includes the Access and Compliance Form, which everyone who uses administrative data resources must submit.

Within ITS, the Campus Community module is supported by the Student Administration System Division.