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Time Outs in M-Pathways Systems

M-Pathways Timeouts

  • Student Business - 15 minutes
  • University Business - 60 minutes
  • Faculty Business - 60 minutes
  • Employee Business - 15 minutes

Single Login Timeout

  • Authentication to all Single Login sites - 120 minutes

Warning: Even if your M-Pathways session times out, your Single Login session remains active until 120 minutes has elapsed unless you end your authenticated Web session and log out.

Avoiding a Time Out

To keep from timing out of your M-Pathways Web session, you need to perform an action that interacts with the system.

Actions that keep your M-Pathways session from timing out:

  • Clicking any 'blue' menu
  • Clicking any 'purple' menu (these are menus that a user had already used)
  • Clicking any 'yellow' buttons such as 'Run', 'Save', 'Clear', 'Add', 'Return to Search', 'Next in List', a plus/minus sign, ...
  • Clicking the search tool, magnifying glass
  • Clicking the calendar icon
  • Clicking a page view arrow to go to the next page
  • Clicking onto a tab on a page with multiple tabs

Actions that will not keep your M-Pathways session from timing out:

  • Moving your mouse or curser
  • Clicking a blank part of the screen
  • Clicking checklists
  • Typing in a field.
  • Tabbing into another field

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