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Logging In and Logging Out: Authentication on Wolverine Access

To access many of the services provided via Wolverine Access, you need to authenticate by entering your uniqname and UMICH (Kerbero) password on the Single Login Service. The Single Login Service enables you to log in once and then access multiple U-M Web applications and sites. This means that after you authenticate using the login server, your authenticated session will continue even if you go to a different Web site. To end the session, you must click the Logout button on the Login Service Web page.

Other Sites That Use the Single Login Service

Authenticating to access data on Wolverine Access, also enables you to access many other U-M Web resources that use the Login Service without authenticating, again.

Log In From the Wolverine Access Gateway

  1. Go to
  2. Click the service you want to use. If it requires authentication via the Single Login Service, the U-M Authentication Required page is displayed.
  3. Authenticate using your uniqname and Kerberos password to access the service you want to use.

Sign Out From Within a Wolverine Access Service

  1. Click the Sign Out link in the banner, which will return you to the Wolverine Access Gateway Web Page.
    • The Wolverine Access Gateway page will show that you are still logged in. You can access another Login Service-enabled Web site, or you can re-enter the service you were using or another Wolverine Access service.
    • You must perform steps 2-4 to log out completely.
  2. Click the Log Out link on Wolverine Access.
  3. Click the Logout button on the LOGOUT screen.
  4. Click Yes on the Security Alert window.

Security Issues

As always, you are obliged to protect U-M data. Lock your computer or complete the logout process every time you leave your desk. Change your password often and keep it private.

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