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Getting Started

The Reports section contains information about two options for obtaining reports that provide administrative data: using the U-M Data Warehouse to create new reports and running predefined reports.

Running Predefined Reports

The Report Library is a comprehensive and searchable collection of centrally maintained UM/ITS reports. The reports included in the Library are from the M-Pathways Production and U-M Data Warehouse environments.

Using the U-M Data Warehouse to Create New Reports

You can use BusinessObjects (or a similar reporting tool) to write your own queries and obtain new reports from data sets in the U-M Data Warehouse.

Data Sets in the U-M Data Warehouse

Check the data set descriptions to learn what data they provide. Each description is followed by links to related documents, including data dictionaries, which describe the tables within each data set and the elements in each table.

Data dictionaries also show connecting elements that enable you to create reports from data in multiple tables. More about the U-M Data Warehouse and Data Dictionaries.

Obtaining Access to Reporting Resources

How to Request Access describes how to request access to reporting resources you need for your work, and it provides a link to the Online Access Request System (OARS).