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GQL Replaced by BusinessObjects

BusinessObjects replaced GQL as the University-supported data reporting tool. Support for GQL ended on September 30, 2001.

  • BusinessObjects universes (interfaces) are available for all data sets in the U-M Data Warehouse: M-Pathways, legacy, and Development/Alumni Constituency (DAC).
  • All central predefined GQL queries have been converted to BusinessObjects predefined reports.
  • All GQL interfaces were officially retired on September 30, 2001.

GQL Support Ended

The license that the University has distributed for GQL 4.1.1 will never expire, so users can continue to use GQL for as long as they wish, just as some users already query the data sets using BrioQuery, Paradox, and other tools. However, technical and user support, upgrades, and installations of any GQL applications must be handled at the departmental level.

Current GQL users who want to continue using it as their query tool need to consider the following changes in support and make provisions accordingly for their ongoing use of GQL.

  • U-M's maintenance agreement with the GQL vendor has ended. The University receives no vendor support and will not distribute upgrades to the software. Units that plan to continue to use GQL software (GQL Update/User, GQL Admin, or GQL Designer) can purchase maintenance and upgrades. Contact the ITS Software Licensing and Distribution group at for more information.
  • The ITS Help Desk no longer provides support for GQL, and ITS no longer provides GQL training.
  • ITS stopped maintaining the current GQL diagrams on March 1, 2001. These diagrams do not include any updates to the data sets following that date.
  • Users who have built their own GQL interfaces for departmental or local data sets are responsible for maintaining those interfaces.