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Financial Data Sets for Ad Hoc Reporting

New! DART tables added to the Financial data set (March 2012)

To assist units with reporting financial information associated with development activity, data from the DART system has been added to the Financial data set and to the FN01, FN02, and FN03 BusinessObjects Universes. The Financial data dictionary will be updated with a display of the table structure and field descriptions at a later date. If you have questions about DART data, please contact the Office of Development.

The Financial data sets contain reformatted data from the M-Pathways Financials System and the legacy administrative data systems.

  • Financial data can be obtained from user-defined ad hoc queries as well as from predefined reports.
  • For training and access requirements, see the Online Access Request System (OARS).
  • BusinessObjects users who need help with Financial data set reporting should contact the ITS Service Center (734-764-HELP). An ITS Financial consultant will contact them to provide assistance.

Financial data sets are:

M-Pathways Financial Data Set


Contains General Ledger, Budget, and Procurement data as of July 1, 1998, and Accounts Receivable and Billing data as of November 2003.


The data set is generally available Sunday, noon–Saturday, 11 p.m., except when the data is being refreshed. Refer to the Refresh Information for specific refresh times.


Legacy Financial Data Set


Contains five years of revenue and expenditure data through June 1998, summarized at the account balance and account/financial class levels, with drill-down capability into Statement of Account detail and Service Unit Billing detail data.


Used, for example, to compute trends in expenditures over time for a school/college, view and reconcile detail behind expenditures on the Statement of Account and Service Unit Billing reports, roll up financial class dollars to support Value-Centered Management, and replicate common hard copy reports (Organization Report, Statement of Account, Service Unit Billing, Class Summary).


  • Legacy Financial Data Dictionary
  • Information in the General Ledger Conversion Tables Data Dictionary Addendum is now available in the Legacy Financial Data Dictionary.