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BusinessObjects WebI FAQs

Report Folders

Working in WebI

Report Folders

I can’t find a report that should be in my Inbox (or Favorites).  Where is it?

The way that reports and folders display has changed in XI 3.1.  Folders are listed on the left. When you click a folder on the left, the contents--folders and individual reports--display on the right (see graphic).  Page navigation is at the top right.  Your missing report may be on page two.   


What happens to the reports I save in my Favorites folder if I move to a different department?

If you move to a different department:
  • Make sure your Unit Liaison informs Access Services that you are changing jobs and not leaving the University, so that your BusinessObjects profile is not deleted.
  • Copy the contents of your Favorites folder to one of the folders in User-Shared under Public Folders, to ensure that you do not lose your Favorites.

    Note: In accordance with Access and Compliance policies, you must purge the data from your reports before copying them to the User-Shared folder. For more information see 'InfoView: The User-Shared Folder – Reference Document’ in My LINC

  • Once you are in your new position, you can copy the contents from the User-Shared folder back to your Favorites, if necessary. Remember to delete the folder used to back-up your Favorites from User-Shared.
Note: If your access to the data set is removed because of a job change, you will not be able to run the relevant reports.

Is there a space limit on my Favorites folder?

No. Since all reports are stored on a U-M server, you have enough space in your Favorites folder to store your reports. We ask that you be a good steward of data resources and only save the reports you need.

Working in WebI

How do I copy a report from the UM-Maintained folder to my Favorites?

  1. Open the UM-Maintained folder that contains the report. 
  2. Right-click the title and select Organize > Copy
  3. Navigate to your favorites folder.  From the toolbar, select Paste from the Organize drop-down menu. 
For details, see InfoView: Manage Folders and Documents.

How do I send a report to another BusinessObjects user?

  1. Open the folder that contains the report and select the report. 
  2. From the InfoView toolbar, select Send To, BusinessObjects Inbox
  3. Turn off the Use default settings checkbox.
  4. Type the uniqname of the recipient in Search title text field and press Enter.
  5. Click the uniqname in the results list, then click the right arrow > to add it to the Selected list.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. It’s a good idea to inform the recipient by email so that they know to check for the report in their BusinessObjects inbox.
For details, see Send a Report to a BusinessObjects User’s Inbox.

Why can’t I save a BusinessObjects WebI report to Excel?

You probably need to update your Web browser settings.  If you are using Internet Explorer, the typical fix is under Tools, Internet Options, Security, Custom Level settings.  Verify that Enable Automatic Prompting for file downloads is turned on.  For complete information, see BusinessObjects Upgrade: XI 3.1 Workstation Requirements.

How do I copy and paste data to Excel?

  • View step-by-step instructions for copying and pasting data to Excel in My LINC.
  • Limited-access WebI users. In XI 3.1, the only way to copy and paste from a WebI report to Excel is to change your user preferences so that your report displays in a simpler interface in View mode.  However, you will lose formatting functionality. 
  • Full-access WebI users.  You can copy and paste in Edit mode. 
  • All users.  Another option is to export an entire report to Excel. This method preserves formatting and report tabs.