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BusinessObjects UM-Maintained Reports Retired (May 2008)

The table below lists Payroll UM-Maintained reports retired from the PY01 Payroll and HR01 Human Resource BusinessObjects universes as of May 2008.

Note: Reports listed in the right hand column of the table contain information similar to the retired reports.

Removed UM Maintained Reports UM Maintained Reports that display similar information
CMB Total Faculty Earnings by Dept Grp [HR01 PY01]  PY01 Pay Salary and Benefits for Employee
CMB Total Staff Earnings by Dept Grp [HR01 PY01]
PY01 Pay Payroll Retroactivity by Dept Grp NONE
PY01 Pay Temporary Payroll Trend by Funding Dept Grp PY01 Pay Temporary Payroll Analysis for Dept or Dept Grp