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Standards for BusinessObjects UM-Maintained Reports

Design Usabilty Checklist

The BO Report Design Usability Checklist contains standards for BusinessObjects UM-Maintained reports.

The purpose of the checklist is to encourage consistency in UM-Maintained reports while allowing report writers some flexibility to achieve the needs of a particular report. Therefore, many of the items on the checklist are not required; rather, they are guidelines or suggestions.

This checklist is provided so that the staff in ITS and in central offices can apply the standards as they create a report. Individuals who are writing a report for their own use or for use within their unit can also use the checklist if they want their report formatted similarly to reports in the UM-Maintained folder.

Headers & Footers

Guidelines for Creating Report Headers & Footers contains some hints on how to format headers and footers in BusinessObjects reports to implement the standards on the checklist.

Naming Standards

The file BusinessObjects Report Naming Standards contains standards for the names of UM-Maintained reports. It is provided here for the use of those who create UM-Maintained reports.

Access to UM-Maintained Reports

The UM-Maintained reports are available within BusinessObjects XI R2 by navigating to FolderView. Click the plus signs next to Retrieve from - Public Folders - UM-Maintained.