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Report to the DART Project Starting Line!

This is the new monthly newsletter from the DART Project. Listen to quick audio messages from DART Project leaders, get to know project team members, and link to important resources to keep you ready for transition.

On Track: Progress, Challenge & Triumph

Why cycling is a good analogy for the DART Project (Jefferson Porter, 1:29mins)

It's not too late to volunteer
(Larry Chaffee, 1:46mins)

What to expect as a volunteer
(Larry Chaffee, 2:25mins)

Contract signing & Design teams kickoff on the horizon
(Larry Chaffee, 1:29mins)

Breaking news: The first of our design teams kicks off this week! Next issue, look for an update from the volunteer perspective.

At the Pedals: The Project Management Core Team

This team is responsible for:

  • project planning
  • day to day tasks, details, and oversight
  • resource balancing
  • keeping project on track and within budget

What do members think is their biggest challenge on the DART project?

Gearing Up: Resources to stay ready for the race

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