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From Laura Patterson

Our partnership is important as we move forward on an IT strategy for U-M

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about how we want to work with you to:

I look forward to your feedback on the changes our new organization is making and other ways we can work together.
Project InfoCenter - Executive Report

Hearing you loud and clear

Staff/faculty expressed opinions about IT in summer town halls and other campus events

There is great enthusiasm for central IT services that are:Town Hall Representatives Pie Chart - Non-IT Staff 56% (132), IT Staff 36% (84), Faculty 5% (13), Unknown 3% (6)

  • Highly reliable
  • Affordable

And, which

  • Reduce redundancy
  • Increase innovation

Attendees were particularly interested in the following products and services:

We’ve already started responding by increasing our support on Sitemaker and CTools, and we will deliver on many of these requests in Fiscal Year 2010.

Read the complete executive summary of town hall feedback on our new website.

What People are saying:

“…ITS needs to bring [new technology] to the attention of campus and bring people together to create ideas of how to implement it…”

“[ITS should] provide flexible infrastructure, tools, and building blocks--not just packaged applications that may not appeal to every constituency. It's standards-based infrastructure and APIs that will enable the learning and research innovation that everyone wants…”

“We should be out front more often in more areas.”