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Design progresses + Project Team seeks feedback


Dear Colleagues -

DART design keeps moving forward and there are many more community members contributing to the project. Their input on design, as well as project communications, helps make critical progress. In response to their feedback, you can expect changes to the newsletter, product demos (look for one in January) and other ways to learn about DART as we dive deeper in coming months. You can also expect a survey invitation in the first part of December. Your participation in this survey will help ensure you get the relevant information you need and want.

In the meantime, here is a brief update from the DART Project:

  • The Constituent Management design team worked with Blackbaud to design and configure how DART handles biographical data. They will complete their design work this month. Blackbaud is developing the software, based on the team's specifications.
  • Revenue Management design is spread over two teams. They are reviewing and defining the software specifications for gift entry and tracking in DART.
  • The Online Community design team, responsible for creating our new interactive online portal, is assembling.
  • The Conversion and Mapping team is working to find the right home for all of our current DAC data in DART. They are making great progress with the first segment of data that covers constituent and biographic information.

Additionally, the project's Consultative Council (composed of development and financial leaders across the university) assembled and meets monthly. They provide input and feedback on changes to data processes and policies that will affect the entire community. Recently, the Council was helpful in more clearly articulating how we'll measure DART success

Thank you for your continued support on the DART project.  


Larry Chaffee


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