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Dart Project Newsletter - Donor and Alumni Relationship Tool

Drive for Go Live
With less than 200 days to go – find out what’s happening for the fall on-ramp to DART. (Read more)

DART brings new Events and Online capabilities
A new web-content editor, social media integration, and automated events communications are just a few of the new features coming in DART. (Read more)

What should you do to prepare for DART?
Links to resources and tips for what you can do in the next few months. (Read more)

DART Smart Highlight: In DAC I cannot plan events within the system. However, in DART I'll be able to manage guest lists and event details in one place and in real time! - Jenny Freels, Associate Director, Development events

Don’t forget: Limited changes to DAC after 09/30
We shared info in previous DART Newsletters on the kinds of changes to be limited. (Read more)