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DART Project Updates


Blackbaud returned initial software configurations on Constituent data (biographical information). The configurations are based on specifications outlined by the Constituent Design Team . The project team and select community members are testing the configurations this month. In the meantime, work on other areas of DART continues.

Data Conversion
This team works steadily to create a new home for DAC data in DART. They are testing results of the first conversion and determining procedures to validate biographical data of people and organizations. The team is also moving forward with data mapping, working with the Revenue Management Team’s findings.

Online Community
The team focuses on how the new online portal will handle some revenue business processes. The group recently submitted7 different scenarios to Blackbaud for review. They will continue working closely with Blackbaud.

Annual Giving, Campaign Management and Prospect Research
This is the third group of design teams starting work on DART. They will follow a similar process as other design teams:

  • Prioritize needs

  • Provide specifications to Blackbaud

  • Respond to Blackbaud through programming

  • Test configured software

Design Team members:

Annual Giving

Joe Gagliardi, OUD - Co-Lead
Kathy Valley, UM Cancer Center - Co-Lead
Wendy Ascione, Rackham
Megan Doud, OUD
Lesley Hundley, OUD
Angie Peterson, OUD
Jim Reische, OUD Communications
Ted Schaefer, Ross School of Business
Billie Welty, Alumni Association
Hanah Wilkins, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Liz Woods, OUD

Campaign Management
Karen Isble, OUD - Lead
Patrick Franklin, OUD
Sheryl Szady, OUD
Jerry May, OUD, Advisory Group
Todd Baily, Law School, Advisory Group
Martha Luckham, College of Literature, Science and the Arts, Advisory Group
Ray Aldrich, Medical Development, Advisory Group

Prospect Research
Jennifer Ting, OUD – Lead
Joe Burman, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Clint Grossnickle, OUD