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Revenue Management Design Teams


Revenue is the second functional area of DART to be designed. The design is spread over two groups. The first team has ten representatives, two of whom are also part of the Design Core Team. After careful consideration, we established the second revenue team to pay special consideration to the “Life Cycle of the Gift.” In particular, this group is concerned with business processes involved after securing a gift.

Revenue Management Team*
Cathy Spickard (OUD), Co-Lead
Jarrod Van Kirk (FinOps), Co-Lead
Sharon Geva (ITS) Business Systems Analyst
Chris Ososki (OUD) Business Systems Analyst
Julie Niedbala (OUD)
Linda Kline (OUD)
Patrick Franklin (OUD)
Kim McDade (Cancer Center)
Bobbie Simson (Engineering)
Larry Jonas (WUOM)
Carson Rizor (WUOM)
*Dar Matthews (OUD)

"Life Cycle of the Gift" Revenue Team
Thom Madden (ITS), Lead
*Dar Matthews (OUD)
Jean Rauchholz (FinOps)
Lisa Harris (ITS)
Shelly Crundwell (Engineering)
Lori Maddos di Hernandez (SNRE)
Jennifer Barnett (Treasury)
Christine Luo (Law)
Jarrod VanKirk (FinOps)
Ken Witherspoon (ITS)

*Design Core Team member