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Unofficial Information Available in Third Week Count Data Set - 01/27/10

The data in the Third Week Count data set and its related SA05 BusinessObjects universe for Winter 2010 was extracted and loaded on January 27, 2010. As soon as the data has been checked for accuracy, an e-mail will be... More

Ready, Set, Go! DART Preview Next Month - 01/26/10

Pilot previews of DART were recently shown to OUD Gift Officers and development staff at the Med School. Attendees offered suggestions on the most interesting features and functions included in the demo. Features and functions of highest interest to attendees... More

DART Survey Results - 01/26/10

More than 800 development and finance professionals were invited to take a DART communication survey issued in December 2009. Findings indicate that support for the project is high and future communications need to focus on product information and capabilities. Respondents... More

DART Project Updates - 01/26/10

Blackbaud returned initial software configurations on Constituent data (biographical information). The configurations are based on specifications outlined by the Constituent Design Team . The project team and select community members are testing the configurations this month. In the meantime,... More

Learn next steps for IT at U-M - 01/26/10

Laura Patterson invites you to join an upcoming town hall meeting. Learn about the university’s strategy for creating NextGen Michigan and how U-M is changing its approach to information technology at every level on campus. Specifically, I’ll share information on:


Enter Your Non-Tuition-Valued Awards Now - 01/25/10

The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) would like to encourage you to enter your departmental awards for Aid Year 2011. Entering this information as soon as possible is helpful in the determination of eligibility for need-based aid.

Departments can... More

Update Room Characteristics in M-Pathways - 01/21/10

It's time to review and update classroom characteristics to prepare for scheduling activities for upcoming terms.

This is a reminder to update classroom characteristics in M-Pathways for the upcoming term(s), if needed. As the Room Characteristics maintainer for your unit,... More

Event Scheduling Enhancements - 01/07/10

In late December 2009, enhancements were made to event scheduling in M-Pathways as part of the Non Class Events project. These enhancements include:
-- A new field, “Req Rm Cap” (Requested Room Capacity), added to the Meeting Data Entry page... More

New! ePro Requisition File Attach Process - 01/05/10

Use the new Add Attachment function in the Special Request eProcurement requisition (ePro req) to submit supporting documentation for an order that requires competitive bidding and/or additional handling, including
(but not limited to):
-- Specifications sheet (e.g., machinery specifications)More

Working with Forms in eResearch - 01/05/10

Join the eResearch Proposal Management team for a Tips & Tricks web session on working with forms in eResearch on January 11, 2010.

The eResearch team is hosting a Tips & Tricks session to discuss working with forms... More

Now Available: Fall 2009 Teaching Evaluation Reports (staff) - 12/22/09

Fall 2009 Teaching Evaluation final reports can now be run by staff in M-Pathways and by instructors in Wolverine Access, Faculty Business.

Note: Instructors were also notified by e-mail today. View the message in the What else is happening? section... More

Now Available: Fall 2009 Teaching Evaluation Reports (instructors) - 12/22/09

Fall 2009 Teaching Evaluation Reports are now available in Wolverine Access, Faculty Business.

You can access three reports for each of your classes:
-- NEW! An Instructor with Comments Report: includes a combination of statistical rating results and anonymous... More

Follow-up Items from 12/8/09 Research UL Meeting - 12/14/09

During the 12/08/09 Research Unit Liaison meeting, we introduced the Manage Unit Data functionality in eResearch and a potential in eResearch Tips & Tricks meeting. I wanted to follow-up to confirm a few details.

All Reviewers... More

New M-Pathways Role for Room Characteristics - 12/10/09

As you may have heard at the October 28 Student Administration Unit Liaison Meeting, Information and Technology Services (ITS) created new Room Characteristics functionality in the M-Pathways Financial system to support shared scheduling of classrooms. The new component (three pages)... More

Room Characteristics Pages Now Available in M-Pathways And Related Action Items - 12/10/09

We are pleased to announce that the Room Characteristics functionality needed to support shared scheduling of classrooms is live in the M-Pathways Financial system. As you may remember from the recent Financial Unit Liaison meeting, the Room Characteristics component contains... More

NEW! Textbook Order Entry Enhancements - 12/08/09

Entering class textbook orders just got easier! Now, you can select orders from a list of previous textbooks and other materials entered for the class. The “Select From Previous Books/Other Material” link will display if prior term textbook data is... More

NEW Facility ID Values for Shared Scheduling of Classrooms - 12/07/09

With the implementation of shared scheduling of general-purpose classrooms, Curriculum Maintainers and Event Schedulers should continue to schedule their own classrooms and follow the curriculum planning deadlines published on the Office of the Registrar's website.

If a... More

Winter Disbursement - Important Information - 12/04/09

The award entry deadline is 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 15, 2009, for funds delivery on Friday, December 18. This is the last Fall Term 2009 payment prior to December... More

Winter Term 2010 Student Billing Planning Calendar - 12/04/09

Two years ago, the University changed the dates when tuition/fees/room and board charges are billed and collected. Billing and due dates were moved forward approximately one month. Changing these dates had significant impact on a number of business processes, including... More

Improved External Organization Search Capability - 11/18/09

Based on customer feedback, searching for External Organizations by the Admissions Testing Program (ATP) Code has been enhanced. The ATP Code has been added as a search field to the Organization Table page so you can now search for external... More

DART Consultative Council - 11/16/09

The Consultative Council is a group of development and financial leaders from across the university. They meet with DART project leadership monthly and provide input and feedback on changes to data processes and policies that will affect the entire community.... More

Data Conversion Team - 11/16/09

This team has been working steadily to find the right home for all of our current DAC data in DART. They are making great progress with the first segment of data that covers constituent and biographic information. As the subject... More

Online Community Design Team - 11/16/09

This DART design team is responsible for creating our new, interactive, online portal. The members listed below represent the main team. However, we expect to rotate others onto the team depending upon the online subject matter. The team’s focus at... More

Revenue Management Design Teams - 11/16/09

Revenue is the second functional area of DART to be designed. The design is spread over two groups. The first team has ten representatives, two of whom are also part of the Design Core Team. After careful consideration, we established... More

HRMS Update, Issue #41, November 2009 - 11/10/09

The latest HRMS Update is on My LINC, and it contains information about:
-- Want to Learn About Making Organizational Charts? Watch our New Infocast!
-- New Personal Modifier to Identify Reduction in Force Notification Period
-- Employees and Students... More

SA Update, Issue #66, November 2009 - 11/10/09

The latest SA Update is on My LINC, and it contains information about:
-- Life of a Student Demonstration Now Available
-- “Advisor Center” Replaces “View My Advisees” in Faculty Business
-- BITV Live Webinar on Combined Sections Data this... More

New Features Added to HEE212 - Process DS-2019 Data eLearning Course - 11/09/09

You are not required to retake this course, but this is an opportunity to refresh your skills on how to prepare
a DS-2019 for an exchange visitor.

The course includes:
-- Tips about how to an enter Exchange... More

NEW! Track Enrollment Trends in M-Reports - 11/05/09

You now have access to a new feature in M-Reports designed to help you with course demand planning.

The new Enrollment tab displays campus-wide class enrollment data that allows you to easily view the overall demand for a course for... More

What's New in eResearch Proposal Management - 10/29/09

Improvements made to the eRPM system, effective today, plus other helpful tips. See the message from Cathy Handyside, eResearch Proposal Management Project Manager:

I would like to share with you improvements made to the eRPM system, effective today 10/29/2009, and... More

Notify Instructors that Fall 2009 Teaching Evaluations Are Available - 10/26/09

If your department has already ordered Fall 2009 end-of-course teaching evaluations, please notify your instructors that their evaluations are ready for review in the Faculty Center on Wolverine Access. Instructors with questions about their evaluations should contact their departments immediately.


Textbook Order Entry Timeline for Winter 2010 - 10/21/09

It is time to begin entering Winter 2010 textbook information into the Wolverine Access Faculty
Center or M-Pathways Textbooks pages. For important textbook order entry guidelines, please
refer to the Office of the Registrar's Winter 2010 Textbook calendar... More

Please Order Fall 2009 Teaching Evaluations - 10/09/09

Department administrative staff should complete their orders for Fall 2009 end-of-course teaching evaluations in M-Pathways by October 23, 2009.

Ordering procedures from the Evaluation Summary page have been modified to ensure data validity. The supporting documentation for teaching... More

Learn more about the Constituent Management Design Team - 09/21/09

A Tour de DART slideshow on the Constituent Management Design Team, which was the first of the DART design teams to start work last month. In this presentation, find out who's on the team and what the co-leaders have to... More

Get target start dates for design teams and effort estimates for volunteers - 09/21/09

A Tour de DART slideshow with details for design team volunteers. In this presentation, see how the design teams overlap, how much effort is required by volunteers, and estimates for when each design team will get to work.

To view... More

Learn about phases, workstreams, and timing for DART implementation - 09/21/09

A Tour de DART slideshow with audio of John Hornbuckle, Blackbaud Engeament Manager on the DART Project Management Core Team. In this presentation, hear about U-M's overall approach to implementing DART. It includes a review of implementation phases with some... More

Complete Your Access and Compliance Form Online - 09/17/09

A new electronic Access and Compliance form that replaces the current paper form is now available on Wolverine Access > University Business.

Beginning today, you can complete and submit an electronic Access and Compliance (AC) form. This new electronic process offers... More

Retaining Winter 2009 Individual Response Data for Teaching Evaluations - 09/17/09

On October 9, 2009, all teaching evaluation individual response data for the Winter 2009 term will be archived. You will no longer have access to the individual response data via Wolverine Access. Instructor Reports will remain available indefinitely.

Note: Instructors were... More

Winter 2009 Individual Response Data Archived October 9, 2009 - 09/17/09

On October 9, 2009, all teaching evaluation individual response data for the Winter 2009 term will be archived. You will no longer have access to the individual response data via Wolverine Access > Faculty Business. Instructor Reports will remain available... More

eResearch Proposal Management UM-Maintained Reports Updated - 09/15/09

New fields and two new reports were recently added to the RS02 BusinessObjects Proposal Management universe in response to customer feedback. Refer to Dennis Cebulski's September 15 e-mail for details.

Subject: eRPM Repository Reports Update

As a person who has access to... More

Fall 2009 Degree Audit Data Available - 09/14/09

Data in the Degree Audit tables in the Student Records data set and SA03 BusinessObjects universe were refreshed this weekend. E-mail notification about these refreshes will no longer be sent. Learn how to access future refresh information in the e-mail... More

MAIS.Inform becomes ITS-Inform - 09/08/09

On September 8, e-mails sent from MAIS.Inform will come from ITS-Inform. We will continue to archive e-mails on the Project InfoCenter.
Learn more about the new Information and Technology Services (ITS).

Student Athletic Certification Improvements in M-Pathways (UPDATED) - 08/31/09

M-Pathways Student Administration system improvements will help facilitate compliance with NCAA and Big Ten rules for athletic practice and participation in varsity sports.
-- A system-generated restriction for student athletes that prevents them from dropping a class, if that action... More

Summer Teaching Evaluations Reports Available to Staff - 08/28/09

Staff can now run Spring/Summer and Summer 2009 Teaching Evaluation Reports in M-Pathways. Availability of reports and suggestions for running reports during the student registration period are included in the message below from the Office of Evaluations and Examinations. A... More

Summer Teaching Evaluation Reports Available to Instructors - 08/28/09

Instructors can now view their Summer 2009 Teaching Evaluation Reports in Wolverine Access > Faculty Business. Details about available reports and instructions for accessing the reports are included in this message from the Office of Evaluations and Examinations.

Spring/Summer and Summer... More

ImageNow/WebNow v.6.1.6 Upgrade is Complete! - 08/24/09

ImageNow/WebNow was successfully upgraded to v.6.1.6. WebNow is available via Wolverine Access > University Business. Visit My LINC to view updated ImageNow/WebNow documentation.

SA Update, Issue #65, August 2009 - 08/19/09

The latest SA Update is on My LINC, and it contains information about:
1. Peak M-Pathways System Usage - Beginning of Fall Term
2. Changes to Race and Ethnicity
3. Do Your Students Know About the Student Center?
4. Assisting... More

HRMS Update, Issue #40, August 2009 - 08/19/09

The latest HRMS Update is on My LINC, and it contains information about:
1. Enhancements to Effort Certification
2. Important Reminders: Pay Rate Change
3. Inactive Temporary Appointments Terminated in July 2009
4. Change in FTR Start Date Logic
5.... More

What's New in eResearch Proposal Management, August 17, 2009 - 08/17/09

In response to requests from the research community and DRDA, the eRPM team has made many improvements to the eRPM system.

Effective August 17, you will notice some changes. These changes will not significantly impact how you work with the system,... More

Central Printing of Gross Pay Registers Ends Sept. 2009 - 08/17/09

The University Payroll Office will no longer print and mail Gross Pay Registers (GPRs) after September 2009. The last paydates for central printing of GPRs are 09/25/2009 for Biweekly, 09/30/2009 for Monthly, and 09/28/2009 for Weekly Off-Cycle. This announcement was... More

M-Reports Now Offers Financial Trend Reporting! - 08/11/09

Two new Source/Use reports are now available in M-Reports that allow you to view revenue and expense trends over time for your department/department group:
-- Source/Use At-A-Glance - displays revenue and expense levels for the current and four prior fiscal... More

Fall 2009 Disbursement - Important Information - 08/11/09

The award entry deadline for the first Fall Term 2009 Financial Aid disbursement will be at 5:00 p.m., Friday, August 28, 2009, for funds delivery to students on Thursday, September 3, 2009. This applies... More

M-Pathways Race/Ethnicity Changes Effective August 10 - 08/10/09

Changes to tables that store race and ethnicity data in M-Pathways were made to comply with new federal reporting requirements defined in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of August, 2008. This act requires all postsecondary institutions to collect and report... More

Suppressing Central Printing of GPRs and SOAs - 08/07/09

After careful consideration and evaluation, we've decided to discontinue the central printing and distribution of Gross Pay Registers (GPRs) and Statements of Activity (SOAs) in lieu of online reporting. The last centrally printed and distributed GPRs and SOAs will be... More

Prepare for August 2009 ImageNow/WebNow v.6.1.6 Upgrade - 08/06/09

Work is underway to upgrade ImageNow/WebNow to version 6.1.6. While there are “look and feel” changes, the basic functionality is the same. No new functionality will be delivered at this time.

The upgrade will take eleven days and is... More

Ethnicity/Race Reporting Changes Coming Soon To Student Administration and Human Resource Data Sets - 08/03/09

Modifications related to new federal race/ethnicity reporting requirements will be applied to M-Pathways Student Administration and Human Resource data sets on August 10, 2009.

Please forward this e-mail to additional staff in your department who may need to know... More

BusinessObjects XI 3.1 Upgrade Coming August 17 - 07/22/09

Information to share and help prepare for the upgrade from BusinessObjects version XI Release 2 (XI R2) to version XI 3.1
-- Implementation is tentatively scheduled for August 17, 2009.
-- Access to version XI 3.1 will continue to be... More

Student Records Data Warehouse Support Labs Available - 07/20/09

The Registrar's Office is offering labs on August 10, 11, and 13 to provide support in using the M-Pathways Student Records and/or Third Week Count data sets and their related BusinessObjects universes (SA03, SA05). These Data Warehouse Support Labs are... More

Textbook Order Entry Deadline July 28, 2009 - 07/20/09

The deadline to enter Fall 2009 textbook information into the Wolverine Access Faculty Center or M-Pathways Textbook page is July 28, 2009. Entering textbook information by this date ensures orders will be processed at participating bookstores and textbooks will be... More

What are the biggest challenges facing DART Project members? - 07/14/09

A Tour de DART slideshow, featuring members of the Project Management Core Team. In this presentation, learn more about each team member and what they think are the biggest challenges facing them on the project.

To view this presentation full... More

Contract signing & Design Teams Kick-off on the horizon - 07/14/09

A Tour de DART slide-cast by Larry Chaffee. In this section, recent project accomplishments and the racing milestones on the horizon. Since Fall 2008, we completed Fit Gap, gained funding approval, and started planning under an interim statement of work.... More

What to expect as a volunteer - 07/13/09

A Tour de DART slidecast by Larry Chaffee. In this section, Larry talks about the tasks for community resource group volunteers. He also describes Design Team cycles and activities and the big challenge in the Design Phase.

To view this... More

It's not too late to volunteer - 07/13/09

A Tour de DART slidecast by Larry Chaffee. In this section: Thanks to those who have already volunteered; An update on volunteer recruiting process; It’s not too late for those who are still interested; Volunteer forms are available in... More

Why cycling is a good analogy for the DART Project - 07/13/09

A Tour de DART slidecast by Jefferson Porter. In this section: The importance of the DART project, the purpose of the monthly newsletter, and why cycling is an appropriate analogy.

To view this presentation full screen, click on the icon... More

Financial Aid Disbursement Calendar for Aid Year 2010 - 07/09/09

The new “Financial Aid Disbursement Calendar for Aid Year 2010” is now available.
Select “2009-2010 Disbursement Calendar” from the bottom of the Financial Aid Forms and Instructions page on the MAIS website at:
<<a href="">>

The calendar includes charts for... More

Tuition-Valued Awards Updated with Re-Budgeted Tuition Values - 07/08/09

The Regents approved the actual tuition rates for the 2009-2010 cademic year at their June meeting. This enabled the following tasks to be completed in M-Pathways:

-- Financial aid budgets have been updated with the actual tuition rates. The tuition component... More

STUDENT June/July Action Items - 07/08/09

The information you need to review the presentations on the Online Help Desk and MCommunity is available. Jan Eckert sent the following information to Student Liasons for review.

Online Help Desk
We’re asking Unit Liaisons to assist us by... More

HRMS June/July Action Items - 07/07/09

Follow-up information and action items from the June 19, 2009 HRMS Unit Liaison Meeting are available. Jan Eckert sent the following information to all HRMS Liasons for review. The meeting agenda has been updated to include a link... More

Updated Classroom Utilization Reports - 06/16/09

To aid in room scheduling and usage evaluation, the following BusinessObjects reports have been updated:
-- SM01 Classroom Utilization by Dept or Dept Group for Term or Date Range
-- SM01 Classroom Utilization by Bldg for Term or Date Range

NOW,... More

ePAF To Be Retired at End of June 2009 - 06/10/09

Over the last three months, most University units have adopted the use of the web-based eResearch Proposal Managment (eRPM) system for creating Proposal Approvals Forms, or PAFs, and subsequent routing for approvals. The time has come to retire the paper... More

Teaching Evaluations for Spring 2009 Ready for Review - 06/03/09

The following e-mail was sent to instructors with Spring 2009 classes:

We are preparing to administer Spring 2009 class evaluations, having successfully addressed system problems experienced at the end of Winter Term. Based on a careful assessment, we are confident... More

Retrieve Supervisor ID Data with New M-Pathways Functionality - 05/29/09

The data/report used to upload an employee's supervisor is now available on the Supervisor ID Data Selection page in M-Pathways. The BusinessObjects report previously used to retrieve Supervisor ID data is no longer available.

The new Supervisor ID... More

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (WebI) Upgrade Postponed - 05/27/09

The BusinessObjects upgrade tentatively scheduled for June 1, 2009, is postponed until later this summer. The decision to delay was made in response to performance issues identified during system testing. We have received fixes for these issues but want to... More

Order Teaching Evaluations for Spring, Spring/Summer, and Summer 2009 - 05/19/09

Department administrative staff should now complete their orders for Spring, Spring/Summer, and Summer 2009 teaching evaluations in the M-Pathways system.

After completing your orders, please let your instructors know that their evaluations are ready for review in the Faculty Center of... More

Teaching Evaluations Data and Shared Reports Added to Student Records Data Set - 05/18/09

To facilitate department specific reporting needs, teaching evaluation data has been added to the Student Records data set and the associated SA03 BusinessObjects universe in the U-M Data Warehouse.

Group reports of class medians are now available to those... More

2010 Budgeting and 2008 Disbursement Information - 05/18/09

Budgeting is complete for continuing students for Fall 2009 and Winter 2010. Departments can begin entering their tuition-valued awards. A tuition-valued award has its amount calculated automatically by M Pathways based on the budgeted tuition/fee... More

Enhancements to Student Records Data Set - 05/15/09

Enhancements were recently made to the Student Records data set and the associated BusinessObjects universe (SA03) in the U-M Data Warehouse. These enhancements include:

1) CRS_TOPIC_DESCRLONG field added to CRSE_TOPIC table
Schools/colleges that use the optional class Long Description (DESCRLONG) field... More

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Upgrade Coming June 2009 - 05/15/09

We wanted to let you know that work is underway to upgrade the current version of BusinessObjects. Implementation is tentatively scheduled for June 1, 2009.

This new version retains all the functionality of the current version, delivers new report... More

New Archive Impacts on Reported and Payable Time - 05/13/09

Effective May 16, 2009, Reported and Payable Time will be archived in M-Pathways after 7 months instead of 13 months. This is designed to improve the performance of the Time Administration process.

The Timesheet web page may be used to view... More

Volunteer for DART Design Team or Resource Group - 05/12/09

We are seeking volunteers for Phase I of the DART Project. Some roles require more commitment than others. This presentation on project timeline, organization, and volunteer opportunities can help you decide what role you want to play in DART design.... More

M-Reports now offers Source/Use financial reporting online! - 05/07/09

The Source/Use Year-To-Date report allows you to compare revenue (i.e., sources) to expenses (i.e., uses) for a department/department group over time to identify trends and anomalies. With M-Reports, you can:
-- Identify high-level balances by Fund/Fund Group for a fiscal... More

Free e-Waste Recycling May 9 - 05/05/09

Drive-through and drop off old or unused electronics from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. at Pioneer High School (Main St. Entrance), 601 W. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative @ the University of Michigan... More

Take another look at eReconciliation and the RTF Toolkit! - 05/01/09

M-Pathways eReconciliation now includes links to Payroll, Benefits, and Student Financials transaction detail!

Fully reconcile your Statements of Activity online by using eReconciliation to:
-- View transaction detail for all journals (e.g., Payroll, Vouchers).
-- Mark transactions as reconciled at the... More

Will DART work for Mac users? - 04/30/09

DART project team shared information with Apple Core on whether DART will work for Mac users. Click on the link below to view the presentation. Apple Core is a group of system administrators across the Ann Arbor campus. Members are... More

New M-Reports Role in OARS - 04/30/09

The Online Access Request System (OARS) now allows you to request M-Reports access to view the Source/Use Year-To-Date report. The e-mail below was sent to the people in your unit(s) who were automatically granted access to this report. Recipients included... More

Swine Flu Preparedness - 04/30/09

Plans are in place to keep essential University of Michigan central IT systems and services operating as normal in the event the swine flu outbreak expands to U-M campuses. Visit the U-M’s Swine Flu Preparedness page often for general... More

Enhancements Made to M-Pathways HRMS Systems - 04/29/09

Beginning April 29, Total Picture Quick View displays benefit-eligible Fellowship students and their related Job Data and Department Budget Earnings. Users with HR Quick Appointment View User and HR Fellowship Benefits Updater roles can access this page in M-Pathways. Here... More

FIN: New Merchant Services Category - 04/27/09

Learn about the new category in the Treasurer's Office catalog with resources on MyLINC in this message from Jan Eckert:

Subject: New Treasurer's Office Category Available in My LINC

MyLINC now includes an additional Merchant Services category within the Treasurer's Office catalog.... More

MAIS forming new organization - 04/20/09

U-M is transforming information technology services by combining ITCS, ITSS, and MAIS. Laura Patterson will assume leadership of the new organization. Provost Teresa Sullivan and Chief Financial Officer Tim Slottow made the announcement in the URecord. The organizations will continue... More

Visit the New Wolverine Access Gateway! - 04/20/09

Log in to the systems you usually use by navigating to familiar links. Explore the look and feel. Use it every day or just stop in for a visit.

New Wolverine Access Gateway

Visit the New Wolverine Access Gateway! - 04/20/09

Log in to the systems you usually use by navigating to familiar links. Explore the look and feel. Use it every day or just stop in for a visit.

New Wolverine Access Gateway

New eReconciliation Transaction Detail Data Now Available - 04/17/09

Complete your monthly Statement of Activity (SOA) reconciliation online using new comprehensive transaction detail. Access new and updated documentation and two new eReconciliation reports in My LINC.

The original e-mail is a follows:

From: MAIS.Inform
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009... More

New Guidelines will Help Manage Research Space - 04/10/09

Today's Record Update highlights research space guidelines that will be used by Deans and other administrators to manage research space on the Ann Arbor campus. Read more at the Record Update.

Financial Aid Disbursement Deadlines - 04/09/09

Award entry deadlines for the Spring and Summer 2009 terms are approaching. Find forms, completion instructions, policy information and aid calendars on the 'Financial Aid Forms & Instructions' page on the MAIS web site.

The original e-mail is as follows:

From:... More

Negotiations and Design Planning - 04/07/09

We continue our contract negotiations with Blackbaud since securing funding from the IT Capital Projects Committee last month. Negotiations are complex, sensitive, and take time. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope to finalize a contract in the near future.... More

New Negative Service Indicator in M-Pathways - 04/02/09

A "Final High School Transcript Requested" service indicator is now available. The indicator affects a small subset of currently enrolled students and impacts their ability to enroll in classes. Additional information is available in the Student Center on Wolverine Access... More

New Changes Coming to Wolverine Access - 03/31/09

On April 20, 2009, a new Wolverine Access (WA) Gateway will “soft launch." This will prepare students, faculty, and staff for upcoming design and navigation changes to WA. Learn more about the MAIS vision and what it means to... More

eResearch Proposal Management is Live! - 03/30/09

eRPM is now ready and available for all campuses. Remind your unit of the date you expect them to start using eRPM and any unit specific requirements for completing proposals, as needed. For more information, see the eResearch announcement.

Predefined Reports Directory Now Located in M-Reports - 03/25/09

Let your unit know the MAIS Predefined Reports directory has moved and improved!

Contents of Predefined Reports Directory were migrated to the new Report Library on March 26. The Report Library is available on the M-Reports website. (Wolverine... More

eRPM All Campus Release Announced - 03/25/09

On March 30, 2009, eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) will be available to investigators on all three U-M campuses. Timing to begin creating and routing proposals is determined on a unit-by-unit basis. Both the current paper system and the eRPM system... More

Prepare your Unit for the eRPM Go-Live, March 30 - 03/23/09

eResearch provides necessary steps in a unit readiness checklist for ULs. See the message below for select usage dates and to learn what to do regarding communications, paper ePAFs, Manage Department information, and more.

The orginial e-mail is as follows:

From: Handyside,... More