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Obtaining and Activating Your MToken

You need an MToken to access systems that require Two-Factor Authentication. Use the following procedure to obtain and activate your MToken.

Obtaining Your MToken

Go to an MToken Distribution Center and request an MToken.


  • You need to provide your MCard to obtain your MToken.
  • Do not initiate the MToken activation process until you have an MToken.

Activating Your MToken

After you have your MToken, follow these steps to activate it.

  1. Open the MToken Service Center Web site in your browser. You will need to authenticate with your uniqname and UMICH password.
  2. Click Request an Activation Code.
  3. Confirm your e-mail address when prompted.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Check for an e-mail from that contains your Activation Code.

    Note: It may take several minutes for this e-mail to arrive.

  6. Click the link in the e-mail or return to the MToken Service Center Web site.
  7. Click Activate An MToken and enter the activation code from the e-mail when prompted.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter the MToken serial number located on the back of your MToken. Follow directions to complete the process.

    back of mtoken displaying serial number
  10. Test your MToken to confirm that the activation process has been successful.

    Note: There may be a delay between initiating the activation process and your ability to test your MToken.

Completing the Authentication Questionnaire

It is important that you complete the Q & A Authentication questionaire on the MToken Service Center Web site. Your responses to these questions will be used to validate your identity in case you forget your MToken and will enable you to request and receive a static tokencode to use temporarily.

Using Your MToken

After you activate your MToken, you must use the tokencode on the front of your MToken along with your uniqname and UMICH password to authenticate each time you log into M-Pathways or the U-M Data Warehouse on Wolverine Access. The tokencode changes every 60 seconds and can be used only once.

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