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M-Token and Two-Factor Authentication at U-M

ITS has extended the U-M Two-Factor Authentication service to University departments that want to leverage it to enhance access security for their own departmental systems or services.

The U-M Two-Factor Authentication can integrate authentication in several ways. As ITS develops the U-M Two-Factor Authentication service for implementation with departmental systems, this page will provide more information about integrating it with access control technologies, including SSH and Cosign for the Web, Windows, and so on.

Credit Card Processing to Require Two-Factor Authentication for Remote Access

Departments that have servers that contain credit card numbers and related information must implement Two-Factor Authentication for remote access to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. This compliance requirement is an important reason why ITS made the Two-Factor Authentication service available to the entire University.

Obtaining Two-Factor Authentication for Your Department

Please complete the following form to indicate your interest in adopting Two-Factor Authentication for your departmental systems or services.

Departmental Information for Two-Factor Authentication Service
Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:
Your Department:
Your Office Phone Number:
If you can provide any of the following information, it will help to expedite your request for Two-Factor Authentication support.
Number and Name of Servers Needing Two-Factor Authentication
Number of servers that need Two-Factor Authentication:
How many of these servers need Two-Factor Authentication for remote access because they contain credit card numbers and related information:
Note: The initial priority is to provide Two-Factor Authentication for servers that process credit card numbers. However, ITS anticipates being able to satisfy all requests soon after they are submitted.
Provide the following information for each server needing Two-Factor Authentication:
Host name (FQDN)
Remote access to credit card data?
Yes   No
Yes   No
Yes   No
Yes   No
Yes   No
Yes   No
Note: if you have more than six servers that need Two-Factor Authentication, ITS will contact you for more information.
Description of Servers/Systems and Plan for Implementing Two-Factor Authentication
Add comments to describe the platform or delivery method for the applications:
How do you plan to integrate the authenication (e.g., modifying login screens)?
Provide information about the infrastructure components used to host the application/system:
How many users will need access?
When do you want to implement Two-Factor Authentication for this application/system?