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Installing the RSA Authentication Agent

This page provides information that you will need to install the RSA authentication agent so that you can enable two-factor authentication using MTokens for your departmental systems.

  • Install the authentication agent using installation files, documentation, and release notes for the RSA authentication agent are available as a list of offerings on the RSA website.
    • Be sure you have the local administrator logon information for the computer. If a problem occurs during the installation of the RSA authentication agent, you'll need to log on as the local administrator to fix the problem.
    • To allow emergency administrator access to the authentication agent without a tokencode, select the option when prompted to Challenge all users except administrators. If this is selected, all users except administrators will be prompted to log in with their tokencode.
    • You will need the sdconf.rec file (updated 11/8/14).
    • You will not need the server.cer file.

  • If the servers will be hosted and managed within your department, be sure to follow the minimum expectations for a secure server.

  • Contact the ITS Service Center, tell them you are setting up MToken authentication for your service, and provide them with the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), server name, and IP address of the authentication agent server(s).

As of 11/8/14, the sdconf.rec file has been updated. The old file will continue to work for some time, but plan to update it to the version of the sdconf.rec file available on this page as soon as you are able.