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MToken and Two-Factor Authentication at U-M

MTokens are used for only a few unit/departmental systems at U-M. Most systems that require two-factor use Duo as of July 20, 2016. MTokens will be completely eliminated by the end of 2016.

Obtaining, Activating, and Using an MToken

  • Obtaining, Activating and Using an MToken
    Step-by-step instructions for getting your MToken (hardware or software), activating it, and using it, as well as setting up questions to allow you to request an emergency access code in case you forget your MToken.

  • MToken Collection Centers
    Locations where you can return unneeded MTokens.

  • To get a hardware MToken
    Go to ITS Access and Accounts, Administrative Services Building (ASB), Suite 2218, for hardware MTokens. Take your Mcard with you. You can request software tokens online via the MToken Service Center Online.

  • MToken Service Center (MTSC) Online
    A website you can visit to
    • Activate your hardware or software MToken.
    • Test a new MToken.
    • Request an emergency access code.
    • Request a software MToken.
    • Troubleshoot problems with your MToken.

    The MToken Service Center website is only accessible from a U-M network. If you are connecting from a non-university network, turn on the appropriate Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your campus. See Use a Secure Internet Connection for details.

Returning Unneeded MTokens

If you have an MToken that you no longer need, return it to ITS so it can be disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner. Send it via campus mail to ITS Access & Accounts, 2019 Administrative Services Building (ASB), campus zip: 1432. If you prefer, you can drop it off in person at any of the MToken Collection Centers. Some units have buckets available for turning in unneeded MTokens.

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