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Support Group Administrator Toolkit

The Support Group Administrator Toolkit brings together resources you'll use when performing common tasks.

ITSM Support Group Administrator Training



Administering Group Membership

To manage support group membership (see Documentation), use:

  • ITSM Tool - add a user to your Support Group
  • OARS (M2) Request - add a user to ITMS tool & Functional Role
Role OARS (M2) Request ITSM
(add user to support group)
Existing ITSM User   X
New ITS Employee X X
Non-ITS Employee X X
Functional Role:
(see below)
  1. Change Coordinator
  2. Support Group Admin

ITSM Permissions vs. Functional Roles

The functional role concept extends the access granted by the permissions and should not be confused with the permissions themselves.


  • Grants users access to applications and modules in the ITSM Suite
  • Enforce the Access Control for the Objects like Forms, Active Links, Records)
Example If a User is trying to access a form, that Form will be visible if they have access. This level of access control enforced using 'Permission Groups'.

Functional Roles

  • Are specific to applications
  • Usually connected to Business Logic or process flows, which are driven through Functional Roles
Example 'Change Coordinator' Is a Functional role defined in Change Management and there is logic In that Change Application that only a 'Change Coordinator' can restart the canceled 'Change Requests'.


The following reports can be run within ITSM.

Process Report Name
Incident All Incidents, Incident Details
Incident Volume, TBD
Incident Backlog, TBD
Incident Resolution Time, TBD
Change Change Volume, TBD
Open Changes, TBD
Problem Problem Investigation, All
Problem Investigation, Open by Service
Knowledge All Knowledge, Articles with Update Requests
Open Knowledge, Article Usage
Open Knowledge, Articles up for Review
Open Knowledge, Feedback

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