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ITSM Production Support

The ITSM Production Support Plan:

  • Sets scope of ongoing user support from business point of view
  • References guiding policies and support documentation
  • Identifies system class and availability expectations
  • Remains static reference for all ITSM users, supporting staff, business stakeholders, product stakeholders
  • Continues after Early Life Support

Learn more in the ITSM Production Support Overview.

Supporting Documentation

Early Life Support

  • ITSM 7.6.03 Early Life Support Plan
    Outlines the plan for a time-limited, enhanced level of assistance to transition end users and/or customers to the new service, including immediate, post-go-live production support concerns.

Production Support

  • ITSM 7.6.03 Production Support Appproach
    Provides a high-level view of the production support approach for the May 2011 implementation of the BMC IT Service Mangement 7.6.03 tool (ITSM) applications and the ITS Service Management processes.
  • ITSM 7.6.03 Production Support Plan
    Details the production support plan for users of the BMC IT Service Management 7.6.03 tool (ITSM) and associated ITIL-based, best-practice processes. It defines scope, resources, organizational structure, system availability, and support expectations for normal production support.
  • ITSM 7.6.03 Production Support Scenario Matrix
    Provides guidance specific to support of common ITSM-specific scenarios to Service Center and Operations staff.

Application Support