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Service Management - Process Implementation Project

The scope of the process implementation project is to focus on implementing a solid tool foundation on the BMC ITSM 7.6.03 platform and supporting the Service Center consolidation efforts at ITS. This will include transitioning existing "MAISAid" users to the new platform.

Read more about the Process Implementation project scope.

Project timeline & key dates

Tentatively, the plan calls for a late May go-live date for the new tool.

Milestone Date
Process Manager Meetings March 21, 2011
March 22, 2011
March 24, 2011
Service Center Expands Hours March 27, 2011
Incident Management Process Presentation April 7, 2011
Problem Management Process Presentations April 19, 2011
April 21, 2011
Knowledge Management Process Presentations April 26, 2011
April 28, 2011
Change Management Process Presentations May 2, 2011
May 4, 2011
Support Group Administrator Training Early May 2011
Begin Code Freeze for Existing Prod Environment May 6, 2011
ITSMW101: Introduction to ITSM May 9, 2011

May 12, 2011:11am-12pm
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ITSM Brown Bags May 16, 2011: 1-2:30pm
Arbor Lakes North Dome

May 18, 2011: 11:30am-1pm
Boyer 030
ITSML101: IT Service Management User Lab May 17, 2011: 1-5pm
Wolverine Tower

May 18, 2011: 8am-12pm
Wolverine Tower

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Expected Go-Live May 23, 2011

What's changing in the new tool?

For users who previously used MAISAid, there will be many changes to both the interface and the process as we work to implement ITSM for all of ITS. More information on these changes will be provided in the Process Overview sessions.

Process Major Steps Key New/Review Points
Incident Management
  1. Incident detection and recording
  2. Incident classification and Knowledge search
  3. Investigation and diagnosis
  4. Resolution and recovery
  5. Incident closure
  1. Services and categorization
  2. Knowledge search
  3. Significant Incident process
  4. Closure process
Problem Management
  1. Problem detection and recording
  2. Knowledge search
  3. Investigation and diagnosis
  4. Resolution of Problem record
  5. Creation of Known Error (KE) record
  6. KE Resolution and recovery
  7. Problem closure
  1. Known Error creation from "known bugs" or "existing TI databases"
  2. Knowledge Search
Change Management
  1. Record request for change
  2. Obtain business approval
  3. Plan change
  4. Propose change schedule
  5. "Coordinate the change"
  6. Approve the plan
  7. Approve the schedule
  8. Implement the change
  9. Post implementation review
  1. Decentralize the process
  2. Focus on recording the change
  3. Approvals
Knowledge Management Search:
  • Found? Click Use
  • Not found? Write it yourself or request that it be written
  • No longer need mandatory review
  • Self publish
  • For external documents (future), there will be a mandatory review
  1. No mandatory review
  2. Mandatory click of "Use"
  3. New interface

What information will be converted during the ITSM implementation?

The following records will be converted:

  • Incident Records - Incident records that have been open for less than 30 days
  • Change Records - Change records opened within the past 60 days with a current scheduled date
  • Problem Records - All Problem records that have a status of Under Investigation
  • Known Errors - All Known Error records that have a status of No Action Planned or Assigned

Legacy data from the Service Center FootPrints system will not be converted.

Change records with a status of Implementation in Progress will require some date adjustments due to ITSM tool constraints. Date adjustments will be noted in the Change record.

Who are the Process Managers?

Process Managers design Service Management processes and define process metrics for the organization. Our process managers are:

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