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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) is the process through which information is generated and shared with ITS staff when they respond to and resolve incidents. The information is also used by Problem Management and Change Management processes as well.

The KM process consists of the creation, review and maintenance of IT Service Management information, all of which is stored in the ITSM Knowledgebase.

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Knowledge Management Process

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Knowledge Management Process Flow Diagram - major steps explaned belowBPMN diagram key (login required)

Process Flow Description

The major steps of the Knowledge Management process include:

Create and Assign Knowledge Document

The ITS Knowledge Management process in many ways underlies its counterpart Incident, Problem, and Change Management processes. Knowledge documents in ITSM contain helpful and sometimes critical information available to ITS users of these processes. A Knowledge document is created and assigned to its writer. The initial creator is identified as "author." The writer is the "assignee."

Write and Publish Knowledge Document

The Knowledge document content is composed, reviewed, and published. Depending on a group’s internal process, this may be done by a single person or among group members.

Conduct Ad Hoc Review

A user may choose to review a Knowledge document at any time for content accuracy, completeness, and usability. This can take place at the time of document use but is outside the regular review cycle.

Conduct Scheduled Review

All documents have a review date. The Knowledge Management Coordinator will get the notification and assign the review to the appropriate group.

Report Document Usage

Although anyone may view the various reports, it is up to the Support Group Administrator to run and review them in order to report out to their time and leadership.

Detailed Description

Learn more about the process in the Knowledge Management Detailed Flow Description.

Knowledge Management Process Manager Information

The Knowledge Management Process Manager is responsible for designing the Knowledge Management process and defining process metrics for the organization.

The ITS Knowledge Management Process Manager is Lisa Callihan (