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ITSM 7.6.03 Go Live Information

Logging In

Here's how you log in to ITSM:

Online Training is Available

Please take advantage of these opportunities to become as familiar with the new system prior to go-live as you can.

  • Online learning and reference material is available on My LINC.
  • If you did not attend the process manager deep dives or the tool overview we encourage you to view these recordings.

Existing Document Conversion & System Availability

Selected Records Will be Converted to the New System

Open incident, problem and change records need to be manually converted into the new system. The project team will complete this task during the release activities.

The following records will be converted:

  • Incident Records - Incident records that have been open for less than 30 days
  • Change Records - Change records opened within the past 60 days with a current scheduled date.
    ITSM v7.06.03 will not allow some change record dates to be earlier than the date the record is converted (example:Scheduled Start Date). A Work Info entry will be added in the change record to document the original dates.
  • Problem Records - All Problem records that have a status of Under Investigation
  • Known Errors - All Known Error records that have a status of No Action Planned or Assigned


  • Legacy data from the Service Center FootPrints system will not be converted.
  • Change records with a status of Implementation in Progress will require some date adjustments due to ITSM tool constraints. Date adjustments will be noted in the Change record.

Knowledge Base documents WILL be Migrated - New Fields are Required

All knowledge-based documents that currently exist in MAISAid will be migrated. You will not need to do anything to prepare for this move.

However, please be aware that ITSM v7.06.03 has new required fields that we have populated as follows during the conversion process:

  • Assigned for all records is "James Malayang"
  • Author for all records is "Knowledge Management"

This will impact your ability to see knowledge documents in your KM Console View and receive notifications related to the document. After the go live we encourage you to search for your key documents and change these fields to accurately reflect your team assignment. This is not a required activity, but will greatly enhance your ability to manage your key documents.

Existing Systems will be Available for Limited Use

  • MAISAid
    The old MAISAid system will remain available to users in a read-only format. You will have access to read any incident, problem, change and knowledge documents.
  • FootPrints
    The Service Center FootPrints installation will remain available for limited use based on the service being supported.

Set up Your Browser and Application

Browser Settings

  • Enable pop-up windows for ''
  • Add '' as a Trusted Site
  • Set links to open in a new tab

View Supported Browser/OS Combinations

Configure Application Preferences

  • Foundation Elements > Overview Console | Functions > Application Preferences
  • For each process you use, set After New Save to Reopen in Current
  • Set Notification Preferences - Step-by-Step Procedure


Personalized User Interface Settings will NOT be Migrated - Users Must Make Own Adjustments

ITSM will be delivered with the default user interface settings. If you have made adjustments to your user interface in MAISAid, more than likely you will need to make these same changes to ITSM. These modifications are normally associated with how you receive notifications, how the system behaves once you save a record and the items you see in your console views.

Please use the training information located in My LINC for assistance in making these changes.

Personal Queries will NOT be Migrated - Users Must Recreate

All personal queries will not move to the new system. You will need to recreate them in the new tool after the go live. We encourage you to review your existing personal queries and note the criteria used to assist in recreating the query.

For Assistance, Questions or Help

Contact the ITS Service Center: (734)764-HELP | | Submit an Online Service Request