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Change Management

Change Management is responsible for managing changes to be made to ITS Services and the constituent components of the services. It provides structure around the activities related to the recording, approving, planning and implementing changes to production services and their supporting production environments.

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Change Management Process

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Change Management Process Flow Diagram - major steps explained belowBPMN diagram key (login required)

Process Flow Description

The major steps of the Change Management process include:

Record Change

Requests for Change (RFCs) are the result of various scenarios.

  • A user may request a service enhancement via the Incident Management process
  • A Significant Incident may generate an emergency Change
  • A Known Error fix during the Problem Management process may require a Change
  • Maintenances such as vendor-provided patches or planned upgrades may trigger an independent Change request that stands on its own.

In any of these cases, a Change record is created in ITSM.

Sometimes the Change record is created after the fact. In this case a latent Change record can be opened and quickly closed with appropriate details provided.

It is critical to document the following information in ITSM when recording a Change:

  • Specific components to be changed—example: Server(s)
  • The change being applied—example: Patch Version x.x

Plan Change

A request ideally is reviewed. If the request is accepted, Change details and plans must be documented within the Change record. Business and technical requirements need to be understood. Procedures and details for how the Change will be made must be clearly described including associated tasks, test plans, and scheduled dates verified as not conflicting with other planned Changes and business events. Back-out plans must be in place in the event of a failed Change.

The Change Management process terminates at this time if the request is rejected.

Implement Change

The Change is implemented according to the plans and tasks documented in the Change record. The Change Coordinator monitors the implementation of the Change.

Close Change

Change records are automatically closed within ITSM after 15 days.

Detailed Description

Learn more about the process in the Change Management Detailed Flow Description.

Change Management Process Manager Information

The Change Management Process Manager is responsible for designing the Change Management process and defining process metrics for the organization.

The ITS Change Management Process Manager is Rachel Apgar (