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Project Management

The Project Management Methodology is designed for use in managing the Information and Technology Services (ITS) projects. Click on a phase below for a detailed workflow.


The scope, size, and complexity of a project will affect the number of deliverables, which should be produced in order to adequately manage the proposal and execution of the project.

Note: Office 2007 is used for some Project Management documents. If you do not have this software, you can download the Microsoft Office compatibility pack.

Project Management Templates

Instructions for using templates

Project Proposal

All project requests should be entered as requests in Planview following the ITS Demand Management Process. (Login required. ITS staff only.)

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Project Definition & Startup

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Project Execution

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Project Health Checks

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Post Project

  • M190: Project Conclusion Acknowledgement
    Use this form or e-mail to confirm project conclusion.

  • M191F: Project Lessons Learned Feedback
    Conduct Lessons Learned meeting and gather feedback from project team members.

  • M191S: Project Lessons Learned Summary
    Summarize the Lessons Learned throughout the project. Identify what you think went well, what can be improved, and recommendations for improvement. (View sample)

  • M192: Post Project Checklist
    Conclude the project with a thorough review and completion of a final checklist. Wrap up any outstanding action items required for full project closure.

  • M193: Project Closure Executive Summary
    This form only needs to be completed for projects that receive external non-operational funding.

    This document signifies acknowledgement of project completion. Its purpose is to summarize and report project results for ITS leadership and the funding provider. This report should not exceed 2 pages.

    Project Managers should draft the summary and review it with the Service Portfolio Owner. The summary is due within 45 calendar days of your project go-live/completion. When complete, the report should be uploaded into the appropriate fiscal year folder in the Project Closures section of the ITS Accomplishments Google site.

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