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Scope Phase - Process Improvement

The Scope phase focuses on defining the reach and impact of the process to be improved.

This phase identifies the start and end points of the process improvement project. It includes an assessment of the organization's readiness to conduct a process analysis and potential improvement action. Understanding of the relevant stakeholders, customers, and where analysis focus must be drives the entire effort.

There are two possible entry points to the Scope phase. An initial process improvement effort begins here, or it is triggered by a continual improvement effort approved during the Review & Evaluate phase.

Process Flow

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Presentation: The Scope Phase Explained (~6 min)
Watch this brief presentation to learn more about the Scope phase.



  • Project Charge Document (Project Management Methodology M101)
    This document describes the project; specifically the objectives and scope. It lists all project lead personnel and describes the project background, objectives, scope, impacts, dependencies, and assumptions. It includes high-level requirements of the project, including technical environment and deliverables that are expected throughout the life of the project. It also includes high-level timelines and milestones for the project.


  • Readiness Assessment
    The purpose of this document is to summarize the readiness to proceed with a process improvement analysis.


  • Process Scope & Readiness Assessment Meeting with Stakeholders/SMEs
    Meet with those most impacted and responsible for the process to determine the process scope and gauge the organization’s ability to participate in analyzing the process.