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Review & Evaluate Phase - Process Improvement

The Review and Evaluate phase takes a process improvement effort full circle. Metrics previously gathered during Operate are used to assess the process against its intended goals and objectives.

Process owners and key stakeholders can then decide whether the process will continue as designed or if there is a need to return to Scope and address additional improvement concerns.

Process Flow

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Presentation: The Review & Evaluate Phase Explained (~6 min)
Watch this brief presentation to learn more about the Review & Evaluate phase.



  • Process Improvement Plan
    This is intended for communicating to process stakeholders a high-level summary of findings uncovered during an in-depth process review. Conclude with specific recommendations and a plan of action related to those findings.

  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
    Process models in general are used throughout a process improvement effort and the life of a process. During Review & Evaluate, however, it is recommended to update any existing VSM model, in particular, to create a visual before-and-after improvement comparison. This meaningful view reflects where process value has been increased, as well as where additional improvements might be made. This comparison becomes credible and documented backup in support of the high-level summary presented to stakeholders as they consider process alignment to business goals and objectives.

    See Document & Analyze for VSM and other process model templates and references.


  • Process Improvement Plan Summary to Stakeholders
    Conduct this meeting to report process improvement status to those who are most impacted by them or who are responsible for the process. This is a high-level presentation that often includes action items and decision points.


  • Process Maturity Assessment
    This document describes process maturity levels. Each process analysis effort requires decisions about the measures, process, storage, analysis, reporting and feedback. Record the assessment results and rationale for the rating in the Current State Report.

  • Continuous Improvement Roadmap
    This tool indicates a process evolution. It recommends a logical, progressive application of select Lean or Six Sigma tools at different points on the map. Use this reference as a tool for process discovery to help diagnose problems. Use this to develop awareness in the leadership team.

  • Process Improvement Methodology Overview

  • Process Improvement Glossary