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Operate Phase - Process Improvement

The Operate phase represents the day-to-day management of the new or redesigned process.

The phase:

  • Ensures process compliance
  • Drives production support
  • Addresses ongoing process-user knowledge and skills needs
  • Generates process verification activities

Process Flow

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Presentation: The Operate Phase Explained (~4 min)
Watch this brief presentation to learn more about the Operate phase.


Related ITS Methodologies


  • Process Verification Action Plan
    Refer to the plan documented during Implement for when and how to conduct process data collection and analysis.

  • Process Models
    Consider current process models and whether the process is successfully producing expected outcomes. Process models are used and updated throughout a process improvement project, as well as throughout the lifecycle of a process when it is periodically reviewed. See Document & Analyze phase for process model templates and references.


  • Process Verification Findings Discussions with Process Team, Performers, and Process Managers
    Meet with process influencers-- process team members, process performers, and process managers--after an operational analysis to share findings and discuss both successes and failures. It is important to maintain process transparency. Timely, open communication and ongoing awareness efforts are a key factor to future progress.