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Implement Phase - Process Improvement

The Implement phase takes an approved process improvement effort through the steps needed to deploy the recommendation. This is when the process set-up or update work is performed.

Note: During the Implement phase, it is expected that other ITS methodologies are involved as appropriate to track and guide the progress of activities all the way through to final deployment.


Process Flow

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Presentation: The Implement Phase Explained (~6 min)
Watch this brief presentation to learn more about the Implement phase.


Related ITS Methodologies


  • Process Summary Template
    This document, owned by the Process Manager, governs the scope, use, execution, change control, and continual review of an ITS internal process. It provides key information for anyone needing to learn about the process.

  • Process Models
    Create new process models as needed. Process models are used and updated throughout a process improvement project, as well as throughout the lifecycle of a process when it is periodically reviewed. See Document & Analyze phase for process model templates and references.

  • Process User Training, Documentation and Education
    When a process is established or modified, timely production and rollout of targeted performance support activities and materials for process users is critical to the success of a process implementation or change.

  • Process Verification Action Plan
    Document an action plan for continual process review. Indicate how often the reviews will be conducted for purposes of addressing findings and presenting a plan of action to process stakeholders. Essentially a test plan, this is a documented plan for how and when process data will be captured and analyzed based on established measurement criteria and process use requirements. Once findings are reviewed, the process can be evaluated against its intended business goals and objectives.