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Performance Support

The Performance Support Methodology defines the design process for developing instructional support materials, such as job aids, communications and course materials. The methodology applies to all learning development situations, including:

  • Course development and maintenance
  • Communication needs
  • Business process documentation
  • System functionality documentation
  • Identify project resources
  • Assess constraints
  • Create project plan for performance support design, development and implementation


  • Review tasks and identify sub-tasks.
  • Prioritize tasks to be addressed via performance support.
  • Determine performance support activities necessary to support audience needs for each task.


  • Construct learning objectives for each task to be trained, including the behavior (task statement), measurement, condition and standards.
  • Determine the assessments to be used to evaluate the learner’s mastery of the objectives.
  • Determine the program sequence and structure to ensure the learning objectives are met.
  • Determine what instructional and support materials will be provided to ensure the most effective training.
  • Determine the presentation and application methods to be used.