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Performance Support Methodology

  1. Determine Needs
    • Establish internal relationships
    • Establish external relationships
    • If applicable, obtain system access
    • Locate and review existing documentation and training
    • List high-level learning points
    • Identify audiences
    • Identify if training is required for system access or to comply with regulations
    • Review learning points and audience needs with project team

  2. Plan Project
    • Review project documentation
    • Identify constraints, assumptions and risks
    • Develop contingencies
    • Identify resources (i.e. project sponsors, subject matter experts, reviewers)
    • Develop project plan (includes communication, implementation and/or post-production support plan)
    • Determine review and approval schedule
    • Confirm schedule with project sponsors and reviewers

  3. Determine Content
    • List tasks by audience
    • Analyze each task and list sub-tasks
    • Prioritize task and determine task sequencing
    • Determine delivery method(s) (i.e. online course, instructor led course, video, support materials)
    • Develop curriculum map

  4. Determine Course Structure and Delivery Method
    • Determine the most effective sequence of course outcomes
    • Develop course outline, including course description
    • Identify delivery methods for all content

  5. Develop Materials
    1. Documentation/Materials:
      • Determine all materials to be created
      • Modify project plan to reflect development timeframes
      • Involve appropriate personnel
      • If applicable, review system functionality and business processes for new updates
      • Gather additional subject matter input (consider broader implications)
      • Develop outlines and/or storyboards
      • Write material draft(s)
      • Review material drafts(s) with reviewers
      • Make revisions

    2. Communication:
      • Create communication plan
      • Determine communication methods
      • Involve appropriate communications personnel
      • Coordinate publishing and distribution

  6. Validate and Implement
    1. Courses:
      • Coordinate logistics for training pilot and Train the Trainer
      • Announce course and curriculum
      • Deliver pilot
      • Conduct trainer teachbacks and provide feedback
      • Revise training content and materials based on pilot feedback
      • Coordinate final production of training course and materials
      • Inform instructors of final schedule, materials and rooms

    2. Documentation/Materials:
      • Revise materials based on feedback gathered during user testing
      • Coordinate final production of materials

  7. Deliver Training & Materials
    1. Courses:
      • Publish and test online and self study courses
      • Prepare trainers to train instructor led courses
      • Conduct assessments and evaluations

    2. Documentation/Materials:
      • Publish and test materials
      • Conduct assessments and evaluations

  8. Evaluate and Maintain
    • Collect data from various channels (i.e. participant assessments, support center)
    • Review course evaluations
    • Evaluate feedback and identify any changes needed

For additional information on the ITS Performance Support methodology or to request the training development workbook, please submit an ITS Service Center incident.

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