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Infrastructure Methodology

These particular deliverables have been identified by Infrastructure Services (IS) as the ones that are most likely to be used by IS on cross-ITS or IS-only projects. They include a subset of the overall ITS Project Management Methodology (PMM) as well as three deliverables specific to infrastructure projects.

When starting a project, look through the entire list of Project Management Methodology deliverables with your manager and determine those most appropriate for your project. The deliverables below are considered to be the minimum for an infrastructure project, unless an agreement is made between management and the project team that all are not needed.


  • M110 - Log of Project Deliverables
    Use this log to document and track the deliverables to be created during the project.

  • M820 - Technical Architecture Document Template
    This document is intended to layout the technical architecture that will be deployed as part of a project. It is one of the most important deliverables for projects, enabling all team members to understand the components and operation of the infrastructure system. A Preliminary document should initially be created during the planning stage of the project and updated throughout the project as needed. The Final document should be created at the completion of the project, providing a valuable reference for continuing production support.
  • M802 - Project Plan-Schedule Template for Infrastructure Services (IS)
    The Infrastructure Services-specific document can be used as a planning and administrative tool for project management of ISprojects. Project leads can use the tasks identified for the typical types of IS projects to create a Project Plan for managing their project. Project leads can determine the level of detail that they wish to include in their project plan depending on the size, scope and complexity of their project.
    • Major tasks and milestones with targeted start and finish dates would enable a basic level of project status tracking and reporting.
    • Targeted effort for major tasks would enable the next level of project status tracking and reporting.

  • M821 - Operations Production Support Checklist.
    This document is to be used during the planning and implementation stages of IS projects as a helpful guide to ensuring that an environment is ready for project and production use.

  • M135 - Project Status Report
    IS project status reports should also be sent via email to IS.AllStaff after entry in Lotus Notes.

  • M104 - Issues-Risk-Change-Scope Control Log
    The Lotus Notes Issues log will be used for MAIS-wide projects; the Excel spreadsheet version can be used for projects of smaller scope and size.