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Development/Alumni Systems

The ITS Financial Systems Division supports the following systems, which provide data related to development and alumni relations activities at U-M. Plans to replace the current Development, Alumni, and Constituent (DAC) Database are currently underway. For more information on the upgrade, click here.

Development/Alumni Constituency (DAC) System

DAC provides the authoritative source for alumni addresses, prospect management, and gift processing for the University. DAC contains data regarding individuals, corporations, and foundations who support the development effort at U-M. It is used by the Office of Development, as well as by development staff across the University. DAC has interfaces to the M-Pathways Student Administration, Human Resources Management, and Financial Systems.

U-M Data Warehouse

Data for reporting from the DAC and Executive Information System (EIS) systems are available in the Development data set, which is part of the U-M Data Warehouse. Users can access the data by running predefined queries or by creating ad hoc queries. BusinessObjects is the supported query and reporting tool used to access the U-M Data Warehouse.

Executive Information System (EIS)

EIS is used by the Development Office and fund raisers across the University to access development data residing in the Data Warehouse via a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

ARU Alumni Records Update (ARU)

ITS and the Office of Development have developed self-service Web-based capabilities for alumni to view and update their biographical data, family relationship information, and to maintain their official employment and business affiliation records in the DAC system.

Uniqname Acquisition/Email Forwarding

This service allows alumni that graduated before the use of the Uniqname here at the University, to acquire one, as well as a Kerberos password, via a Web site that requires them to authenticate themselves against components of sensitive data that are known to both parties. In addition, they are encouraged to take advantage of free e-mail-forwarding for life that is now offered to all alumni upon graduation (since December 2001). A recent development also allows alumni, who are not current students, faculty, or staff, to reset their Kerberos password upon demand after re-authenticating themselves on the same Web site.