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Recruiting and Admissions Advisory Group (ASP)


The Recruiting & Admissions Advisory Group provides a forum for schools and colleges to have input into the processes and policies of recruiting and admissions. Members represent the needs of recruiting and admissions stakeholders throughout the University community. This advisory group is currently known as ASP (Admissions Systems Production Committee).


The mission of the Admissions Systems Production (ASP) Committee is to promote and ensure the effective administration and implementation of recruiting and admissions at the University of Michigan. We are committed to working together to find common policies, practices, and processes wherever appropriate to gain efficiencies.

Our priorities are to:

  1. Review the impact of policy on business processes
  2. Provide input and make recommendations regarding system-related enhancements and issues.
  3. Share information (i.e. increases or decreases in apps, other trends, unit updates)
  4. Identify common strategic goals
  5. Act as a supportive user group (best practices)
  6. Evaluate current systems/contracts or evaluating new opportunities
  7. Communicate the group's activities and discussions with other stakeholders throughout the University community.


The ASP Committee meets the second and fourth Tuesday each month.

ASP members email group:

An agenda is distributed prior to each meeting using the email group and minutes of each meeting are kept in Google Drive.


A school/college admitting office representative chairs the Recruiting and Admissions Advisory Group on a rotating basis. The chairperson and vice chairperson are elected every two years.

The membership consists of representatives from each central admitting office on campus. Participation from other offices is encouraged. Click here to view current members.

People, who are not members, can request to be placed on the agenda to raise a specific issue. To request to be placed on an agenda, the person should contact the chairperson stating the specific issue to be addressed or their central admitting unit.