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Merit Aid Advisory Group

Meeting Notes

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February 4, 2010


The Merit Aid Advisory Group provides a forum for schools and colleges to have input into the processes of the Financial Aid merit aid process.


A representative from the Office of Financial Aid chairs the Merit Aid Advisory Group. The membership consists of representatives from schools/colleges along with various representatives from the Office of the Financial Aid and ITS Student Administration as needed.

The current membership consists of:

  • Office of Financial Aid: Alene Smith(chairperson), Doug Levy, Mary Gaynor, Julie Cole
  • School of Business Administration: Diane Hunt, Chris Gale
  • College of Engineering: Janet Lineer
  • Financial Operations (Student Loan, Student Financials & Cashier): Jim Middlemas, Vicky Dziubinski
  • School of Information: Xiao-Wen Zou
  • Law School: Katherine Gottschalk
  • College of Literature, Science and the Arts: Douglas Fletcher, Paula Trail, Michelle Spornhauer
  • School of Nursing: Cathy Jenkins
  • ITS: Elaine Nowak, Matt Martin, James Roane, Pat Marts
  • Medical School: Carmen Colby
  • School of Music: Marty Snyder
  • College of Pharmacy: Lynn Alexander
  • School of Public Health: Daryl McDaniel
  • School of Public Policy: Regina Zmich
  • Rackham: Doug Keasel
  • School of Natural Resources: Diana Woodworth
  • School of Social Work: Sandra Rod

People, who are not current representatives, can request to be placed on the agenda to raise a specific issue. To request to be placed on an agenda, the person should contact the chairperson stating the specific issue to be addressed.


To help promote and ensure the effective administration and delivery of merit aid at the University of Michigan by:

  • Providing a forum for open dialog on overall merit aid process.
  • Seeking input from and representing the needs of merit aid stakeholders throughout the University community.
  • Identifying potential areas of improvement in the overall merit aid process.
  • Reviewing the impact of policy issues on business processes.
  • Providing input to and making recommendations regarding system-related enhancements.
  • Providing input to and making recommendations regarding manual process enhancements.
  • Sharing best practices within the group and with other merit aid stakeholders throughout the University community.
  • Communicating the group's activities and discussions with other stakeholders throughout the University community.


The Merit Aid Advisory Group meets once a month at the Office of Financial Aid.

  • An e-mail group of the members of this Advisory Group has been created for contact purposes
  • An agenda is distributed prior to each meeting using the e-mail group.
  • Minutes of each meeting are kept. The minutes may be shared with the Student Unit Liaisons and/or posted on the ITS Web site.