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Student Administration Advisory Group

Meeting Notes

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June 2010
PowerPoint Presentation
May 2010
PowerPoint Presentation
March 2010
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AIS Customer Meeting with SAAG
August 2009:  
Notes & PowerPoint Presentation
SAAG Definitions of Success for Student Data Warehouse


The Student Administration Advisory Group advises the Associate Vice President for Administrative Information Services and the Senior Vice Provost on matters related to student administrative information systems and services.


The director of ITS Student Administration chairs this group. The current membership is comprised of:

  • John Gohsman: Chairperson, ITS
  • Lester Monts: Senior Vice Provost
  • Pam Cupitt: Medical School
  • Laura Strozeski: School of Music
  • Rex Patterson: Rackham
  • Phil Gorman: College of Literature, Science and the Arts
  • Kathleen Vargo: College of Engineering
  • Shane Fortune: School of Business Administration
  • Ann Hower: Director of Office of New Student Programs
  • Paul Robinson: Office of the Registrar
  • Pam Fowler: Office of Financial Aid
  • Ted Spencer: Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Chip Simper: Financial Operations (Student Loan, Student Financials & Cashier)
  • Karen Kuffner: ITS

The representation from Schools and Colleges will rotate every two years. This plan to rotate the membership provides opportunities for more people to participate.

People, who are not current representatives, can request to be placed on the agenda to raise a specific issue. To request to be placed on an agenda, the person should contact the chairperson stating the specific issue to be addressed.


The group ensures that the strategic and tactical plans of ITS are aligned with the mission, goals, and administrative needs of the University. The group will:

  • Develop a strategic plan for information technology and services in administration.
  • Review and recommend ITS long-range plans.
  • Review and recommend ITS annual plan.
  • Recommend priorities for new application development projects and enhancements.
  • Review and recommend improvements to processes.
  • Review and recommend improvements in integration.
  • Review and endorse requests for new capital projects.
  • Review and recommend standards and policies governing the management of administrative data.
  • Review and recommend standards in technologies that support administrative systems and services.
  • Endorse proposed service levels and products.
  • Facilitate compatibility among campus administrative systems.


The Student Administration Advisory Group meets quarterly or as business dictates.

  • An e-mail group of the members of this Advisory Group has been created for contact purposes,
  • An agenda is distributed prior to each meeting using the e-mail group.
  • Minutes of each meeting are kept. The minutes may be shared with the Student Unit Liaisons and/or posted on the ITS Web site.