Session 3

Date: Thursday, November 2, 2006
Time: 10:55-11:35 a.m.

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Title: Charging Ahead: The Future of PCard

Location: Michigan Union - Anderson A

Description: Find out what's new with PCard!! This session will cover such topics as the new approval process, entering ATM transactions into the system, new reporting options on your PCard statement, PCard reports that you may be unaware of, and other tips & tricks.


Gladys Sprunk
Development Budget & Admininstration
Development Business Coordinator

Todd Ayotte
Business Systems Analyst, Financials & Physical Resource Systems

Session Handouts: Charging Ahead: The Future of PCard Presentation

Title: Self-Service and Alternatives for Time Reporting

Location: Michigan Union - Anderson B

Description: If your department is interested in moving away from the hard copy time entry forms, departments and employees have several alternatives for reporting, inputting, and loading time into the M-Pathways system. This presentation will report on the options available to users, including self service time entry, electronic timekeeper time entry, and interface options.


Norel Tullier
University Payroll Office
Director of University Payroll

Jim Mettlach
University Payroll Office
Payroll Manager

Session Handouts: Self-Service and Alternatives for Time Reporting Presentation

Title: Course Demand Planning

Location: Michigan Union - Anderson C

Description: This session will give an overview of the LSA Course Demand Planning (CDP) project that is attempting to implement tools and processes to better assess student demand for classes. Baseline data, trends over time and predictive models are examples of what have been created from data extracted from M-Pathways data in the UM Data Warehouse. Those interested in issues concerning course enrollments would benefit from this session.


Ellen Meader
Senior Research & Planning Analyst, LSA Office of the Dean

Evans Young
Assistant Dean, LSA Undergraduate Education, LSA Office of the Dean

Session Handouts: Course Demand Planning Presentation

Title: Get Committed - Use Unit Defined Commitments

Location: Michigan Union - Anderson D

Description: Unit Defined Commitments (UDC) allows end users the ability to record and track unit defined commitments (encumbrances) before they are expenses in the central financial system and gives the financial manager an accurate picture of the funds they have available at any point in time. The UDC table is updated daily in the UM Data Warehouse.


Chrissy Harkless
Business Systems Analyst, Financials & Physical Resource Systems

Session Handouts: Get Committed - Use Unit Defined Commitments Presentation

Title: eF@M (Electronic Fundraising)

Location: Michigan Union - Pond A


Learn what electronic fundraising is, whom the audience is, and what tools are necessary to start a program.

The eF@M project is designed to:
• Create a donor-centric environment
• Promote alumni engagement efforts
• Fill the major gift pipeline for the next campaign
• Encourage cross-functional and cross-campus integration and collaboration


Valsilios D. Pliakas
Director, IS Operations

Session Handouts: eF@M (Electronic Fundraising) Presentation

Title: Punch-Out Journal Key-Punch Errors

Location: Michigan Union - Pond B

Description: This session will focus on the steps involved in preparing a journal upload entry, including using the Excel template and submitting your file to Financial Operations for processing. The presenters will take you through a journal entry from beginning to end and answer any questions you may have related to journal processing.


Douglas Hovey
Financial Operations
Business Process Technology Analyst

Dan Mesquiti
Financial Operations
Accounting Unit Supervisor II

Session Handouts:

Title: Matching Scholarship Funds to Eligible Students

Location: Michigan Union - Pond C

Description: New M-Pathways functionality allows departments to define scholarship selection criteria using data across the Student Administration system to locate and report on potentially eligible students.


Shelly Crundwell
College of Engineering
Financials & Endowment Specialist

Diane Hunt
Ross School of Business
Assistant Financial Aid Director

Session Handouts: Matching Scholarship Funds To Eligible Students Presentation

Title: 3Cs: Using Student Communications, Checklists, and Comments to Supplement Your Business

Location: Michigan Union - Wolverine A & B

Description: This session will provide an overview and live demonstration of the 3Cs: Communications, Checklists, and Comments. We will highlight specific examples of how 3Cs are used in a variety of units on campus.


Liz Salley
Product Manager, Campus Community

Session Handouts: 3Cs: Using Student Communications, Checklists, and C0mments to Supplement Your Business Presentation

Title: Using Application Evaluations in M-Pathways

Location: Michigan Union - Wolverine C

Description: All across campus, departments evaluate applications for admissions. Department staff are responsible for keeping track of where applicants are in the process and the outcome of a faculty review in order to make an admissions decision. M-Pathways enables staff and faculty to manage this process. This session will demonstrate how the system works to support this important review process.


Mark Nelson
Product Manager, Recruiting & Admissions

Session Handouts: Using Application Evaluations in M-Pathways Presentation

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