Session 1

Date: Thursday, November 2, 2006
Time: 9:05-9:45 a.m.

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Title: Key Reports for Financial Business Process

Location: Michigan Union - Pendleton

Description: Review of management reports to identify outliers and trends is an important part of the internal control process. Many management reports are available through the U-M Data Warehouse for department management's use in monitoring financial trends. This session will focus on the minimum reports recommended for review for each business process as well as their target audience at various levels of an organization.


Christopher Allan
Business Systems Analyst, Financials & Physical Resource Systems

Session Handouts: Key Reports for Financial Business Process Presentation

Title: Manager Desktop

Location: Michigan Union - Anderson A

Description: Manager Desktop is a new application that will be available in January 2007. This new application provides line managers with access to information on employees which report to them. Drill-down capabilities let managers see a complete picture of people that report to them, but who are not direct reports. This "reports to" hierarchy will be based on a "supervisor id" field and the population and maintenance of this field is an online process for units. A method to produce VISIO organization charts is also available and will be demonstrated.


Judy Aldrich
Product Manager, HR

Session Handouts: Manager Desktop Presentation

Title: M-Dash and M-Stat

Location: Michigan Union - Anderson B

Description: The Medical School will discuss its journey to define and measure success through identifying metrics and developing information tools. M-Stat is a web-based system that takes the headache out of navigating to the ONE report you're looking for. M-Dash is a dashboard which displays Medical School key performance indicators and other metrics which are updated automatically on a periodic basis. This allows chairpersons and administrators to focus their attention on what's important.


Deb Komorowski
Medical School
Director, Faculty Affairs Medical School

Karen Dannemiller
Medical School
Information Services

Session Handouts: M-Dash and M-Stat Presentation

Title: To Pay or Not to Pay? What to Do with a Non-PO Line

Location: Michigan Union - Anderson C

Description: With the advent of Version 8.8 many users are being asked to approve a voucher with a non-PO line. What is a non-PO line? How and when does this line get added? And what are users supposed to do to verify and approve it? We will review the business process and list additional resources.


Mary Lou Butchko
PLB/Accounts Payable and eBilling
Audit Supervisor

Jackie Creager
Business Systems Analyst, Financials & Physical Resource Systems

Session Handouts: To Pay or Not to Pay? What to Do with a Non-PO Line Presentation

Title: Overview of BI (Business Intelligence) On Campus

Location: Michigan Union - Anderson D

Description: This presentation will briefly outline the history of Business Intelligence (BI) at U-M over the last few years, where it is now and where we hope to be in the next few years. BI encompasses the processes, tools, and technologies required to transform enterprise data into information, and information into knowledge to enhance decision-making and to create actionable plans that drive effective business activity. BI can be used to acquire strategic and tactical insight.


Shane Fortune
School of Business Administration
Business Intelligence Manager

John Gohsman
Director, HRMS & Student Administration

Session Handouts: Overview of BI (Business Intelligence) On Campus Presentation

Title: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Or Track In Space

Location: Michigan Union - Pond A

Description: The space module is where departments are required to enter annual space survey updates, but what else can you keep track of related to space? On a room level, you can track the department occupants of a room, station count, type of room, activity taking place in a room, organized research activity (in offices & labs) & additional lab information. You can add room role information (such as staff, faculty, etc), track shared space including the percentage another department is using your room. Room feature data can be entered, like floor, paint, misc comments, records and cubicle information. On a building level, you can track the building: number, name, address, ownership type (owned, leased, other) campus, original cost, & also gross, net, & assignable sq. feet. You can also track the departmental occupants of a building. You can track information on structures - structure number, name, address, structure type, ownership type, campus, etc. On a department level, you can track department space contacts.


Lisa Harris
Business Systems Analyst, Financials & Physical Resource Systems

Deborah DeLorenzo
Office of Space Analysis

Session Handouts: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Or Track In Space Presentation

Title: UMHHC Finance Data System Project

Location: Michigan Union - Pond B

Description: The UMHHC Finance Data Mart System is an inquiry and reporting mechanism used to produce user-friendly U-M Health System (UMHS) department reports and provide the actual detailed transactions of unit activity.


Alan Wood
Financial Services
Medical Center Programmer

Robin Leftridge
Financial Services
Hospital Accounting

Session Handouts: UMHHC Finance Data System Project Presentation

Title: The Wait is Over! Attach Your SUB File Directory

Location: Michigan Union - Pond C

Description: Service units no longer have to wait overnight for their SUB charges to load into our system! MAIS has developed an online page in M-Pathways to allow users to load their SUB file over the web rather than through an FTP server. The file is attached to a page and loaded into the system in a few simple steps. Reports are automatically generated and can be viewed online.


Cathy Crouch
Business Systems Analyst, Financials & Physical Resource Systems

Session Handouts: The Wait is Over! Attach Your SUB File Directory Presentation

Title: See What Students See - The Students' View of Wolverine Access

Location: Michigan Union - Wolverine A & B

Description: This presentation provides an insight into how a student interacts with the University via Wolverine Access. Many of the self-service pages and the processes behind them are explained. The demonstration begins with a student submitting an admissions application to the University and follows the student through an application for graduation. Throughout the student’s journey, the audience will see how the Office of New Student Programs, the Office of Financial Aid, Student Financial Operations, the Registrar’s Office, and University Housing use Wolverine Access to enable a student to conduct business electronically.


Karl Dietrich
Business Systems Analyst

Kelly Doonan-Reed
Performance Support Analyst

Kortney Briske
Office of the Registrar
Associate University Registrar

Session Handouts:

See What Students See - The Students' View Of Wolverine Access Handout

See What Students See - The Students' View Of Wolverine Access Presentation

Title: ROI From Your Degree Audit Implementation

Location: Michigan Union - Wolverine C

Description: This session will provide a review of recently implemented Degree Audit features and will describe new, related opportunities for schools & colleges to assess and potentially improve their business processes. Future features will also be described including the rich reporting environment and the eventual integration of degree audit data with enrollment. Some of the anticipated changes in student and advisor behavior will be explored as well as steps units can take to ensure efficient processes and accurate data.


Paul Robinson
Office of the Registrar
University Registrar

Phil Gorman
Director, Advising Technology

Evonne Plantinga
Ross School of Business
Snr. Assoc. Directory, Fin Aid and Acad Svcs

JoAnn Peraino
Coordinator, Student & Curriculum Data Systems Services

Session Handouts: ROI From Your Degree Audit Implementation Presentation

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