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February 19, 2010 - HRMS Unit Liaison Meeting

8:30 – 10:30 A.M.
2029 and 2043 Kipke Conference Center, Campus Safety Services Building

Video of entire meeting


Meeting Agenda
eRecruit - 45 minutes Presented by: Jane Miller and Jeanne Christensen, UHR

During the first half of the meeting, Jane and Jeanne will prepare both eRecruit Unit Readiness Coordinators and HRMS Unit Liaisons for the June 2010 implementation of eRecruit.

Presentation: eRecruit Unit Readiness


E-Verfiy - 15 minutes Presented by: David Day, UHR

David will provide an overview of the implementation of E-Verify at U-M including an in-depth description about the federal regulations that require U-M to electronically verify the identity and work eligibility of all faculty and staff on a federal contract whenever the FAR E-Verify clause is specified.  He will also instruct HRMS Unit Liaisons about their role as the initial point of contact when their unit receives a federal contract requiring this verification.

Presentation: E-Verify Overview


Additional Pay for Temporary Employees - 15 minutes Presented by: Sherri Hermansen, HRRIS

Sherri will review how the Additional Pay function will be used for staff with temporary appointments.

Presentation: Additional Pay for Temporary Employees


Payroll Announcements - 20 minutes Presented By: Norel Tullier, University Payroll

Norel’s presentation will cover two topics:  Removing mandatory approver training and some changes to the report time page.

Presentation: Payroll Update


New BusinessObjects Functionality - 10 minutes Presented by: Mark Davis-Craig, ITS

Mark will provide information about two new functions:  E-mail scheduling of BusinessObjects reports and Unit Maintained Folders in BusinessObjects. In addition, Mark will demonstrate the workaround for the “Save As” Slowness in BusinessObjects edit mode.

Handout: Email Scheduling of Business Objects Reports; Unit Maintained Folders (2 pages)
Handout: "Save" As Workaround in Business Objects


Overview of the ITS Website Presented by: Dana Fair, ITS

no handout