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Financial Unit Liaison Meeting Agenda

December 16, 2009
Kipke Conference Center, Campus Safety Services Building

Video of entire meeting

New BusinessObjects Functionality: Mark Davis-Craig, ITS – 10 minutes

Mark will describe and demonstrate E-mail scheduling of BusinessObjects reports. In addition, he will review how to set up a Unit-Maintained Folder in BusinesssObjects that enables a U-M unit to share BusinessObjects reports with others in their unit and not with the rest of U-M.





SOA Reconciliation: Brent Haase, Internal Controls Compliance Manager, AVP for Finance; Jean Rauchholz, Financial Operations; Jennifer Vitale, University Audits; and Lisa Harris, ITS – 45 minutes

This in-depth presentation is a follow up to the print suppression discussion in August and includes information about what documentation University Audits will be looking for during an audit. Bryan Van Sickle from Sponsored Programs will also be attending the meeting to address any questions that may arise specific to Sponsored Projects.




UL Action Items: Jan Eckert, ITS – 5 minutes


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