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February 16, 2011 - Financial Unit Liaison Meeting

8:30-10:30 A,M.
2029 and 2043 Kipke Conference Center, Campus Safety Services Building

Meeting Agenda
Welcome & Introductions
Presented by: Margaret Loveless, ITS
• New Financial ULs introductions
• Pam Fons replaces the departed Thom Madden

Rates and Billing for New ITS Services - 20 min
Presented by: Barry MacDougall, ITS

Barry MacDougall, ITS, will discuss rates and billing for Flux, Value and Mainstream Storage, and Desktop Virtualization.

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Compliance Resource Center
Presented by: Kris Snook, Office of the General Counsel, and Fiona Linn, Office of the General Counsel

Kris Snook and Fiona Linn, Office of the General Counsel, will provide a preview of the soon-to-be launched U-M compliance website, which pulls all existing compliance information into one convenient online resource.

Moving the General Ledger Close Up One Day - 15 min
Presented by: Russ Fleming, Financial Operations

Russ Fleming, Financial Operations, will present the plan to move the general ledger closing process up one day starting with the close of March 2011 business.

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Financial Operations, Accounting Services Updates - 15 min
Presented by: Jarrod Van Kirk, Financial Operations

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Financials/Physical Resources v.9.1 Upgrade - 15 min
Presented by:
Pam Fons, ITS, and Dima Tawakkol, ITS

Pam Fons, ITS, and Dima Tawakkol, ITS, will present a high-level introduction of the FIN/PHYS upgrade effort for 2011.

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Updated OARS website - 10 min
Presented by:
Ken Heskett, ITS

Ken Heskett, ITS, will talk about some OARS website changes being implemented soon.

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